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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Child Anxiety

Some people can find it difficult to discuss with others how they feel, especially about sensitive subjects that leave the person tired, frustrated and upset. Anxiety is not healthy - it can leave us feeling sick, shaky, dizzy and faint. In severe cases it can even lead us to pass out and have panic attacks.
We all have our share of worries that come and go - but how can we cope when we are feeling down? If we all make a conscious effort to try and communicate our feelings, then we can help ourselves manage our emotions. By communicating, we can confront our anxieties.
Personally, I like to write things down - if I can see them in front of me, then my worries become clearer. I can then see exactly what my problem is and I can think of ways to get rid of it. I keep a diary so that I can see how things develop.
Some people prefer to talk to someone about their issues so that they can offload on to someone and air their feelings out loud. If this is an option you think would work for you, then pick a trusted person to talk to. Choose someone who is not involved in your anxiety so they can give you an outsider's point of view.
If you want to communicate with someone but cant quite find the words, why not try writing them a letter? They might find it easier to respond to this method. Try to stay calm and focus on the things that are good in your life and remind yourself of these things when you are feeling down. We have to take the bad with the good and try and learn from all experiences that we have.
Marneta Viegas is the founder and MD of Relax Kids. Relax Kids create relaxation resources for children, including CDs, books and DVDs which help them manage their emotions. They are used in over 80,000 homes and schools in the UK.
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