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Monday, April 5, 2010

Stress Management - 7 Tips to Help College Students Manage Their Stress

By Antionette R Tate
Stress Management: A How to Guide For College Students
The best way that you can avoid being stressed out while you are a student in college is to be prepared. I have listed 10 tips for college students to help them to be prepared and manage the day-to-day stress that may present itself while they are in college.
7 Stress Management Tips for College Students
1. Do not wait until the last minute to register for your classes: If you wait until the last minute to register for your classes you may find that the classes and the times that you prefer to take those classes are full and closed.
2. Take courses that coincides with your lifestyle:If you are a person who likes to sleep late or if you work late at night, then you should try to avoid taking early morning classes. Instead, you should check and see if your class is being offered at a time that is more fitting for you.
3. Pick up your syllabus early: Once you have registered for your class, you should go to your professor's office and pick up your syllabus at that time. The benefit about having your syllabus early is you will be able to get started on your reading assignments before the first day of class.
4. Get your books from the school library: Another benefit about having your syllabus early is that you may be able to get your books from the school library instead of having to purchase them. The school library normally carries the books that are on each teacher's requested reading list, however, the library will only have one or two copies.
5. Get to know your Professors: On the first day of registration you should go to each of your Professor's office and introduce yourself. You should also familiarize yourself with each of your Professor's office hours and do not hesitate to visit them when you have a question about your assignments.
6. Get to your class early: You always want to be professional and that means coming to each of your classes a few minutes early. An advantage about coming to class early, is your Professor may also arrive early and that will give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about your assignment.
7. Turn your assignments in early: When you get your syllabus you are going to see when each of your assignments are due. The best way that you can manage your stress is by not procrastinating and turning in your assignments a few days early. When you turn in your assignments a few days early, your professor will be able to grade your work sooner and may even give you an opportunity to make corrections.
Antionette Tate M.Div, is a Inner Peace Expert who enjoys helping people to discover how to maintain their Inner Peace and how to live their life full joy. For more tips, she invites you to visit her blog "Inner Peace and Joy: Tips to Help You Maintain Inner Peace and Joy Daily"

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