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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The 3 Questions That Will Change Your Life

 By Roy Naim


Brendon Burchard, Found of Experts Academy, shared with us 3 questions he would ask himself daily, and it is the same three questions one would ask at the end of their lives.
These questions forces you to think and act accordingly. They make you stop and revamp everything you have been doing now. The beauty of these three questions that Brendon shared with us is that since we are going to be asking them anyway, why not ask them now and live a life that we want.
Did I Live?
This question alone will shake us up. Asking if we lived a life of honesty and a life that we want to, will have us think about creating the life what we want. There is no reason why we can't create the life we want and by asking this one question, one will think and ask "what type of life do I want?"
Did I Love?
Are our relationships with others in place. Are there areas we can improve ourselves in? Did I make peace with everyone?
Working with many cancer patient, I've found that they want to make sure that their relationship problems are resolved. They want to make sure that everyone is OK and that they are OK with others.
Start saying 'I love you more'. Start showing you love them more. And start loving again.
Did I Matter?
Society is driven by two things. Self growth and contribution. People have a need to give to others, in whatever way that they can. And this question will surely have you going out there and making sure you are making the difference that makes the difference.
Never underestimate making a change in one person life, because helping one person will surely impact their future, their families and the future families. A world of people. And then you can say with certainty, you matter.
Roy Naim has overcome many obstacles in business and life. Through his journey he acquired the knowledge to be able to overcome those limitations and now shares it with others so they can do the same. To learn more about Roy Naim, go to his blog at

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