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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What To Get a Mate?

by jax44


Men in Western cultures (and many other cultures too) are socialised to hide their emotions, be self-reliant, and ‘act' rather than feel. These notions are embodied in the cultural stereotypes of the heroic male, so often represented in film and television. Fearless, resourceful, stoic and usually facing adversity alone, these characters tell us a lot about what our culture considers ideal male behaviour.

More powerful than film characters are the roles we see our parents playing. Many men have experienced fathers who were emotionally distant, who rarely if ever cried or expressed affection outwardly. The way we see our parents behave becomes the unconscious template on which our own behaviour as adults is built.

Women tend to talk more than men and like to express their feelings and emotions. Men on the other hand need time to think and can quickly become overwhelmed by talkative women. It is important for wives to give their husbands time to cool off and have some alone time before they bombard them with questions about their day. It is also important to recognize your differences. Since women are verbal creatures, they often expect men to understand exactly what they are saying or thinking. Men are not mind readers, so you need to effectively communicate what you are thinking or feeling, subtle hints will not work with men.

One way this comes into play is gift ideas. When men buy gifts for men, they are not sure how to show their feelings. 21st birthday gifts might be easier, as they can just buy a lot of beer, or arrange a party.

But buying good gifts for another male is sometimes not done, and sometimes men don't even tell other people when their birthday is. This might be unnecessary though, as it can be simple for men to buy gifts for other men if they just think about it and be creative.

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