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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Healthy Approach To Stress

by xtianabad23


Everyone reacts to stress differently according to various situations. People have different level of pressure and anxiety that they can handle with different outcomes or without any negative consequences. There are outside factors that can cause stress like big sports game, office presentation, deadlines at work or a student failed his or her exam because of having a mental block while answering his exam.

Stress is a normal human reaction to challenges and tough situations. This is inevitable and always present in our activities of daily living. And as the level of pressure gets too hard, stress eventually surpasses the ability of an individual to cope with it in a positive way. So some people tend to depend on anti stress or anti-anxiety medications in order to get an immediate relief

However, there are alternative ways to cope up with stress such as by practicing stress techniques that can maintain the person's state of balance and regulation of both body and mind. Having a regular exercise, joining to sports or fitness routines are excellent ways to release stress and relieve tension and frustrations.

Another technique is to perform deep breathing exercise, which gives a feeling of relief. With proper breathing counts and rhythm, this may lead to more relaxation progress. There are also relaxation activities like Oriental arts, which have been practiced by millions of people for centuries such as Yoga or Tai chi which can eliminate stress thereby, lighten up the body and mind and also helps develop full concentration and positive body awareness.
And base on the medical research; these modes of exercise give beneficial effects. By moving slowly with deep breathing and constant contraction, there's a feeling of good concentration and relaxation to the different parts of the body thus releases stress.

Massage therapy also helps fight stress and applying suitable pressure to the different parts of the body can decrease stress in that certain part of the body.
People should consider first the different kind of stress techniques and give proper importance to it before taking anti-stress pills as the last option. However, people who need fast relief may take these medications with proper doctor's prescription.
There are healthy ways to beat stress. And at this point, it is important to find productive ways to deal with the stress and to address the person or situation that is causing the stress. So that being stress free makes a person healthy and always have a positive outlook in life.

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  1. Control stress through good thinking and sustain it.

  2. As many people are suffering from the problem of the stress. Some people tend to depend on anti stress or anti-anxiety medications in order to get an immediate relief. But I think that is wrong.