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Monday, January 3, 2011

Don't Let Communication Anxiety Drag You Down

 By: Anthony Diclementi


Communication anxiety, also referred to as public speech anxiety is a common occurrence among people. Those people, who probably show a great deal of confidence in most situations, will avoid a situation where public speaking is involved. In fact, these people experience communication anxiety due to stress. In a survey conducted on 'fears', a majority of people rated public speaking as a fate worse than death.

Communication Anxiety And Anxiety Disorder

The symptoms of communication anxiety are generally accompanied by uneasiness. Depending on the degree of uneasiness, it could mean that the individual cares enough about the audience to want to speak well. In such cases, it becomes a positive situation where it motivates the individual to do better. When the anxiety is excessive, it turns into an anxiety disorder. Some people also go through social anxiety disorder. This makes them uncomfortable in public and anxious even in their daily routine whether it involves interpersonal skills with one person or a group. They carry a constant fear of being watched or judged by others. This chronic fear can lead to emotional upsets and health problems. Roughly 15 million Americans suffer from social anxiety disorder. Since it is so similar to communication anxiety, the two can often be confused.

Communication Training

If you suffer from communication anxiety, you can seek communication training to help you overcome it. These training sessions teach the participants the techniques and interpersonal skills to help them handle communication with ease and confidence. Their listening skills are also enhanced so that they may recognize and circumvent communication barriers. Communication training also helps understand what effective verbal and non-verbal communication is all about. In addition to this, the following are covered:
* Different communication styles and how to recognize them and identifying your own style
* How to assess your communication
* How to use the right words to express yourself
* Verbal and nonverbal communication skills

These communication-training sessions also cover telephone skills and help the individual make a plan of action so that they may work at improving their interpersonal skills on an ongoing basis.


People who experience a high level of communication anxiety certainly need help, and often, self-help can make a big difference. Here are some tips that can overcome the anxiety.

1. Adequate preparation
In a public speaking situation, the communication anxiety manifests itself most during the first five minutes, after which it gets better. To resolve this, good preparation can help since being prepared will increase confidence. If there is a fear of forgetting, you might want to use mnemonics to help you recall vital points. Needless to say, plenty of practice is also essential.

2. Advance Self talk
Realize that you feel excitement, not fear. Public speaking is a wonderful opportunity where you get to share your expertise. When you look at it from this angle, you will feel a sense of power rather than fear or anxiety.

3. Deep breathing exercises
It is a fact that slow deep breathing can help communication anxiety and bring down stress levels. When you are anxious, it is tough to be normal.

4. Think positive
When you think about events that make you happy, or people you love, create mental imagery of these things. This will boost your energy and make you more confident, helping you combat your anxiety.

Communication anxiety is easy to overcome with the tips outlined above. You can even consider nutritional supplements that can help you increase your confidence levels, boost your energy and reduce stress. The benefits of SociaTropin, the world's first social enhancing and anxiety-eliminating nutritional supplement are being enjoyed by millions of people. SociaTropin is designed to elevate emotional well-being, eliminate social anxiety, and boost natural energy levels to significantly improve a person's relationships and social life.

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