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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Reason Why You’re Depressed

 By: Sophie Henshaw


Do you want to know why you’re feeling down so much? It boils down to the leading cause, SELF-HATRED, also known as SELF-JUDGEMENT. Self-hatred always accompanies depression.JUDGEMENTS are a sham and FACTS are REAL; the two should never be mistaken.Judgement lies at the core of your depression and REALITY is the TREATMENT.All self-Judgements have the following features:

=> 1. DICHOTOMIES:Judgements only offer a black and white view of the world, with no subtleties. Things can either be nice/horrid, moral/immoral, or powerful/powerless.

=> 2. COMPARISONS with other people or an ultimate self: "Compared with her "I’m useless" or "compared with my beauty ideal, I fail".

=> 3. AN IDEAL SELF that you "should" measure up to.Actually you are and always will be a ACTUAL human being and NOT an ideal that has perfection as its standard and therefore is always unattainable to attain.As an actual human being, you don’t get to select which feelings and experiences you want based on what’s satisfactory to you – like it or not you get the whole lot, warts and all!

=> 4. THE "SHOULDS"and "musts" of internal dialogue are potent signs of self-judgement.

=> 5. ARBITRARY, VAGUE, GENERAL:All judgements are random and do not have a rational connection with reality nor do they have precise, measurable criteria.What’s the point of labelling yourself as "hopeless", "dumb", "weak" or anything else?If we consider how to assess the actual truth of a judgement, might we be able to use a precise measure, like amount of tax paid, to find out if the label ""useless" actually does apply?You can see for yourself how pointless these statements are..

=> 6. PERVASIVE, REPETITIVE AND SHORTHAND:Self-judgements use shorthand, quick, easy, phrases that are highly memorable and repeat like a mantra but are very low on precision.

=> 7. CONSCIOUS & UNCONSCIOUS:Self-judgement will catch you unawares: you will only be aware of the most miniscule, plainest of it.Unconscious forms of self-hatred are very potent and can only be transformed with the help of a competent professional.

BEWARE! People are killed from self-hatred!Here below condenses a March 2010 article in the West Australian Online. It demonstrates how perilous a skewed, self-hating attitude can be.

Charmaine Dragun, a well-known news anchor who suffered from depression for 10 years, died by jumping from a Sydney cliff in 2007. In a cut-throat industry, Charmaine couldn’t afford to let any chink in her armour show for fear of being overthrown by other pretty girls who were determined to to get the job.She didn’t want anyone to think she couldn’t handle the pressure. Charmaine once delivered a bulletin that her bosses thought was wonderful, which for her was the "worst bulletin ever".She missed the truth that she was exceedingly capable and articulate by harshly denying and minimizing her true abilities. She was sure that she would eventually be sacked for being unpopular with the public and executives.Her friends knew she really was brilliant but they couldn’t convince her of that fact.She minimised the prestige of her job by declaring it was dull and that she was only "reading words that other people had created written.

Charmaine Dragun, whose charm lit up a room, was a highly intelligent, stunning and articulate TV journalist.Friends and colleagues were fond of her and her bosses admired the standards of her work.They wanted her to continue doing well in her role for as long as possible.She gave of her best and shone at what she did.Her hard work and talent stood out above the competition and won her the job.Other people envied her unique gifts and good fortune.Her nearest and dearest will miss her terribly..

Healing from depression requires a whole-hearted devotion and commitment.Those who suffer from depression have to replace distorted and hateful self-judgements with an innate understanding of actual reality.Trusted and competent expert help is essential in order to achieve a deep and embodied understanding of this knowledge as opposed to a mere surface, intellectual understanding. To learn more, visit our Henshaw Consulting - Psychologists Perth website where you can get the help you need from an expert Clinical Psychologist Perth.

Dr. S Henshaw is a Perth-based clinical psychologist with over 20 years’ experience helping people to alleviate their depression and anxiety. To learn more, visit:
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