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Monday, January 17, 2011

Set your Goals with Confidence



"Who has confidence in himself will gain the confidence of others". Looking at a successful person, we usually presume that, what had made the person to become so flourishing. The one and only answer to this question would be his self confidence. Without self confidence it is unattainable for a person to succeed in his life or career or whatever the affair it may be. Right from simple things to complicated things, if you need to achieve them, you need to have confidence. People with self confidence generally have excellent skills and are completely self-possessed.

Prior to enhance your self confidence you need to know what does an over confidence and under confidence mean. Maintaining a balanced self confidence is always good for your future. Over confidence is having excess belief in yourself and at the other end, having a least belief in yourself is called under confidence. A person who is over confident usually take too much of risks and finally witness a break down. Whereas on the other case, under confident people don't even tend to take risks, thereby not giving themselves a single try. With a right and balanced self confidence, you can set and achieve your goals in a genuine manner.

Failures come and go in everyone's life. It is fairly true that successful people are those, who had experienced the maximum number of failures. They manage to compete in every tough situation with the courage and confidence they have. Each time they face a failure, they do consider it as a challenge to overcome from that. The two major things that contribute to self confidence are self esteem and self efficacy. People with a balanced confidence are probably self esteemed persons. Having belief and respect on yourself would render others to have the same on you. Enhancing your positive thinking could obviously help you in boosting up your self confidence. Being calm and ambitious is the vital quality that one needs to have, in order to achieve his goal. Hard working is an equally important spirit, which assists you in knocking the success door. Once you achieve success, eventually you could feel a confidence building in you. Only this type of confidence leads you to withstand difficult challenges and persist in the face of setbacks.

Too many people overvalue what they are not, and undervalue what they are. This is the foremost blooper that everyone does. If you endeavor in building your confidence, then primarily know your talent and concentrate on things which you excel in. Find out your skills and start working on fabricating your talents. Self confidence builds in you right from your child hood. Parental support and acceptance play a vital role in enhancing a child's confidence. Parents who encourage and support their children, each time they experience a fall are likely to build their child's self confidence. Without self confidence nothing is possible. Hence keep in mind that, self confidence is the primary thing that shows you the way to success.

The Author focuses on working with people with low self esteem and subtly change their mental outlook to gain a positive meaning to their lives. The author has written many informative articles on how to build confidence and gain self esteem as well.


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