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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The First Step to Accomplishing Any Dream

 By Tobin Crenshaw


Alfred Nobel was the man who invented dynamite and various explosives. The Swedish chemist made a fortune due to his ingenuity.
When his brother died a newspaper inadvertently said it was Alfred who had died. It described Nobel as a man who became rich by making it possible to kill large numbers of people with bombs.
Nobel was stricken by this assessment of his life and decided to spend the rest of his days living for peace and awarding others who did so as well. Thus today most people know his name from the Nobel Peace Prize awarded in his honor.
Alfred Nobel was given a chance to evaluate his life before it was too late. In turn he made a decision to change and follow through on his commitment to leave the world a better place.
As Anthony Robbins shares, "It's in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped."
Indeed, the ability to make a congruent decision that is aligned with our deepest passion is where true power lies.
It is common to hear people grumble in our society. They talk about the thing they have to do, such as work at a certain job or please certain people. But this is a misnomer, in reality there is very little one has to do, especially in democratic nations like America.
At any moment you can exercise the power of decision and choose a new career, a different path, or standard for your relationships.
The bottom line is that January 1st has no power to move you closer to where you want to be. It is the power of making a decision, regardless of the date on the calendar that makes all the difference.
As Anthony Robbins shares, when a woman stands up and refuses to go to the back of a bus she is making a decision that changes the world. When Holocaust survivors and an entire nation rise up and say, "Never again," all of history is moved.
The reality is that when we see where we are and compare it to where we want to be the only thing that will move us closer to our dream is making a decision to never settle again.
In fact the very meaning of the word "decide" is "to cut off." When you decide to follow your dream you cut off all other possibilities and with determination and focus move toward your goal.
Want to see real change in 2011? Making more pointless resolutions you don't plan to keep will only condition you to give up too soon. Instead take an hour and with a pen and paper list the things you will no longer settle for in life.
Once you see what you don't want you will have greater clarity about what you in turn do want. Then you can exercise your true freedom, the ability to decide to make a change and live the life you were born to live.
A former pastor who is now a full time writer and an all the time theologian who is amazed at the grace and love of God and believes that every heart can find fulfillment, peace and joy in the mystery revealed in Christ, all apart from religion. His site is

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