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Saturday, January 23, 2010

5 Tips For A Safe and Stress Free Vacation

Picture yourself sipping an ice-cold soda and lounging on a hammock. Visualize squishing your toes in powder white sand and enjoying the aquamarine view, uninterrupted by the gentle waves.

Imagine a life without worries, deadlines, or pressure - just uninterrupted bliss and pure pleasure. Ah, this is life! Truly a dream vacation!

Taking a breather from the daily routine is a healthy practice. However, it might not turn up well if the vacationers are not able to plan the travel very meticulously. So to make that trip unforgettable, pleasant, and memorable, here are some suggestions:

Make a plan. Schedule your trips ahead of time. This allows you to have the time to check and adjust for possible conflicts in schedules. Make a list of possible places to go to, as well as activities to engage in. Be flexible in your time frame and make allowances for delays in travel or extensions in stay.

Seek advice from people who have been to your dream destination. They might have a number of tips to share to make your trip hassle-free and cost-effective. Also, make use of other sources of information. The internet has lots of details on travel destinations.

Be prepared. If you plan to travel abroad, fix all your travel documents to avoid the hassles of having to negotiate with customs or immigration officials, or to avoid delayed trips. Make sure your travel documents are valid for the length of your vacation. Moreover, it will be wise to make certified duplicate copies of important files such as your birth and insurance certificates and even credit card records. Do not hesitate to avail of the services of accredited travel agencies if you are not aware of the policies that govern vacationers like you.

Prepare your pocket. Travels, especially abroad, require much expenditure. If this is your first time to visit the place, prepare to stretch the budget and reserve some for miscellaneous expenses. Avail of foreign exchange services at the bank, not at airports and terminals. Check for the expiry dates of your credit cards for you to enjoy continuous shopping and avoid embarrassment. Stretch your cash by seeking out affordable packages for your dream vacation and by availing of discounts or special season rates. Again, friends who have been there can help you in finding hotels, restaurants, tourist spots, and souvenirs that are reasonably priced.

Pack lightly but wisely. For your own convenience, pack lightly but be sure to bring the necessities: clothing, money, documents, personal hygiene products etc. A week before leaving, check the weather bulletins in your destination to help you in deciding items to pack. Also, do not bring objects that may cause airport delays, such as weapons.

Avoid lugging large bottles of shampoos and lotions. Travel packs are available to help you travel lightly. Make no mistake of bringing that jacket when traveling to a tropical island get-away. Instead of a jacket, pack a sarong or a wrap-around to keep you warm on chilly nights. It also works great as a mat on the beach.

Take security precautions. Secure a map of the area and numbers of important local institutions such as the hospital, police station and convenience stores. Don't wander in a foreign place alone. Orient yourself with its landmarks, food, language, customs, and its inhabitants. Be familiar with the cultural peculiarities of locals to avoid offending them.

Always keep a good eye on your belongings and do not show off your cell phone, camera, wallet or cash. Be cautious when dealing with strangers. Always lock your luggage.

Maintain a good physical condition. Consult a physician to assess your capability to travel and engage in strenuous activities. Bring your medicines and vitamins, if necessary. Be careful of what you eat and drink while on vacation. Stay on the safe side and drink only bottled or mineral water.

Just follow all these and you are all set for a grand vacation!
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