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Saturday, January 23, 2010

If You Are Feeling Depressed Plants Can Make You Happy

This article which you are about to read has been written because I am aware of the epidemic of depression that we are suffering from in the western world, and this is my contribution to try and help.

My father spent his entire life with plants, it was his full time job, and when he retired he spent all of his days in his greenhouse and garden, and he was the happiest, most contented person that I have ever known.

If we fill our time taking care of plants we can get rid of stress, it is a scientifically proved thing. Taking care of our green friends (the ones with leaves not Martians!) we will discover new hidden sides of our personality and will get to know better how to love and care for others, firstly because a plant that we wont care for will die for sure.

Accepting a plant we are assuming a new responsibility, we are adopting a breathing being. This way, we learn just what it means to pay attention to those around you.

We have to concentrate over needs that are exterior to our ego. We become aware of the needs of another being: we know how much water the plant needs, how much light it gets, the intervals it needs to receive water again, and slowly we will transfer these cares and abilities in our social relations. We become more and more aware of others. Visual contact with a beautiful plant makes us realize our own beauty.

Studies show more and more that taking care of plants can be the most efficient method to improve our physical and emotional general condition. They have a serene effect, they can reduce stress and relax muscles and therefore improve the mood people taking care of them are in.

Before you read any further I just want to jump in here and say that I really do hope you are finding this helpful. I have written this because I do think that we can all improve our mental well being by getting more involved with plant life. So, having said that, lets continue.

Different studies have demonstrated that the existence of plants reduce mental exhaustion. When we are overwhelmed with work, we just have to look up for a couple of minutes to a plant and we will instantly feel more relaxed. In conclusion, plants fascinate and attract people, they break boredom and monotony generated by forced attention. The oxygen generated by plants creates a feeling of mental agility.

Some big plants placed in the right spot will help us insolate ourselves from annoying surrounding noises. The technique is the same as the one of hanging paintings in an empty room to minimize the echo effects. The thick leaves will absorb a part of the noises, including the sound of the phone, Xerox, printer or coffee maker, making these sounds a little bit friendlier.

May I conclude by saying that there is a lot more information out there on this subject just waiting for you to unearth it, if you will excuse the expression! So, happy digging.
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