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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Managing Stress Entails

We all have to keep managing stress in our lives so that it does not affect us negatively. Some degree of stress is said to be good and that it keeps us on our toes. According to Richard Lazarus, stress is a feeling that comes when we do not have enough resources to meet the need or the demand around us. He was one of the early researchers of stress. This is one of the most popular definition of stress and there are many others. You can experience stress wherever you are and according to Hans Selye, it all depends on the way you react to it and when you take it in a more positive way, it will not have similar effects compared to if you took it negatively. Hans has also done a lot of research on stress.

Managing stress is sure to come up and there are a few things you need to know so that you can deal with stress effectively. You need to know where the stress came from and this means you have to know the cause or stressor involved. By the time you are identifying the stressor, you have already recognized that there is a problem. This is good because there are people who are constantly in denial and never get to identify stress. If you are not sure you are suffering from stress, there are several symptoms you can look out for and they can be mental, social or physical. Some are exhaustion, loss of appetite, headaches, crying, irritability, compulsive behavior, oversleeping and the list goes on and on.

When it comes to managing stress, you need to know the causes and symptoms well so that you can know how to deal with it effectively. Since stress is very much personal or individual, you cannot manage it the same way in everyone. There are several ways of dealing or managing stress that are going to work for you and they include the following. If you can eliminate a stressor, then go ahead and do it. One example is when you have a person who is constantly causing you stress. You can either get away from them or ask them to leave. If you have the habit of sweating over small stuff, you are stressing yourself unnecessarily and you have to let some small stuff slide if you want to have peace of mind. In other words, there are more serious issues you have to deal with.

Stress can be managed by getting enough sleep and rest. Failure to do this will see you become irritable when dealing with issues. Managing stress with drugs and alcohol as a means of escape is usually a bad idea and it makes things worse. This is because they derail your progress in getting real help for the problem. Setting realistic goals will help you avoid failure and stress. Also, you need to develop a new attitude where you acquire a thick skin. This means that you will no longer let stuff put you down and you become your own boss where stressful events will no longer dictate to you. Another thing that helps is to do stuff for others and this will give you a sense of service or usefulness where you remove focus from yourself and realize that you can assist others with their problems.

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