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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Anxiety and Dizziness - The Truth About Them

By Merrill Cooper
Anxiety and dizziness sometimes go hand-in-hand. When you are experiencing an anxiety attack, you may feel dizzy and want to leave the room and get fresh air right away. To see that relationship between them, we need to know what they are and how they are defined, as well as how you would feel when you are experiencing them.
Anxiety is the fear of the future and the unknown. It is about control. That is to way, you will not be caught by anxiety when you feel that things are within your control. When you fear about accidents before you go out on the streets, you would rather stay at home even if you just think about it. Fear could result in lack of breath. This will not supply enough oxygen to your brain, which will make you feel dizzy.
Dizziness is the inability to sit or stand. This can be caused by the lack of oxygen or blood in the brain. But the feeling of dizziness varies from person to person. For some, this feeling retreats fast. For some, it lasts for a pretty long time. And anxiety is not the only cause out there for dizziness. You may feel dizzy when you stand up quickly.
As you can see, anxiety and dizziness may or may not go hand in hand. But eliminating either of them will help the recovery of the other. If you fear the incidence of dizziness, which might cause anxiety, then try to avoid dizziness. For example, stand slowly instead of quickly. The less fear you have, the less anxiety you will suffer from. Learn to deal with anxiety effectively. And you will suffer from less dizziness.
Now that you know what the relationship between anxiety and dizziness is, you will address them better. Start to do something for them today. Enjoy a life free of both of them.
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