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Friday, January 15, 2010

Take the Stress Out of Bookkeeping


A thorough understanding about the bookkeeping aspects can help one steer clear of so many headaches related to business financials. If one does not have a clear awareness about the financial side of the business, one may not know what to look for while hiring bookkeepers. This can result in all sorts of unpleasant consequences including incorrect financial records, missed or inaccurate filings of mandatory taxes, forms and bill payments, and the possibility of fraud and embezzlement in the company. By following some tips, business owners can stay out of all kinds of bookkeeping troubles. Firstly, be aware of the fact that a good understanding regarding the number side of a business is critical in the quest for a highly successful and efficiently running business. You might want to hire some bookkeepers to carry out the work, but you still ought to possess at least a basic understanding of the financial aspects in order to run the business in a smooth manner.

Again, you should know the difference between hiring a qualified bookkeeper and hiring a professional well versed in financial accounting. Good bookkeepers would have sufficient knowledge and talent to make accurate entries of information related to payables and receivables, payroll processing and reconciliation of checking accounts. All these are considered very important and necessary; tasks that need great attention to detail. These jobs are called tasks as bookkeepers are deemed task-oriented people. True professional finance personnel also can perform these tasks. But, their real value lies in tabulating the information available and translating it into reports that ooze knowledge about the financial aspects of your business and then communicating it in a way anyone can comprehend and understand. Finance managers would be analytical in nature and, in all possibility, could be knowledge oriented people.
One may find individuals or bookkeepers who have the ability to perform well, but people like that are few to come across. Looking at it from another angle, it would prove to be more cost effective to hire a competent bookkeeper to carry out the task oriented part of the financial jobs like entering vendor as well as customer invoices, receiving and making payments, processing the payroll and the like. They may then utilise the services of a finance manager to help them understand what the different figures and numbers mean, and their implications on the various business aspects.
In general, one can gain the information one needs by hiring some bookkeepers or a qualified CPA to manage one’s financials, at least once a month. The finance personnel will generate analysis reports so that you will have a better understanding about the trends that have come into play and the operating efficiency of the company. Bookkeepers can also give valuable advice on how to improve the status of your business. But, make sure that the one you select is someone who can understand the nuances of managing the cash flow and other transactions. This is due to the fact that it is a critical challenge for all kinds of business owners to keep the financial operations running efficiently and free of errors.

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