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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is it Anxiety Disorder Or Am I Just Worried? How Can You Tell?

By Nick Harrison
In these trying times a lot of us have something to worry about, money and job security are probably at the top of that list. When you are living through a recession and suffering some hardship as a result of it you may well feel that it is perfectly normal to worry. But are the day to day worries of life turning into something else?
Let me give you an example.
I've was prone to panic attacks for a number of years. I wont bore you with too much detail but after my first wife left me I experienced my first panic attack.. I had the full works, palpitations, cold sweats, pains in my arm, pins and needles, the shakes and I thought I was going to pass out at one point. I've always prided myself on giving 100% to everything and this was no exception.
Through counselling and stress management I learnt to deal with the physical symptoms. Life got better and my anxiety and panic faded away. I remarried, had a family, my wife and I started a business.
We had met whilst working in recruitment so we started a recruitment agency. It was successful, we started taking on staff. Life was good.
And then the world wide recession bit. Trust me, recruitment is not the best field to be in when unemployment is soaring and confidence in the economy is plummeting.
We ended up laying off staff, eventually cutting back to where we'd started. It was now just my wife and I alone in an office. Just the two of us now, rattling around in our new expanded office and struggling to keep our heads above water.
I was worried. Actually I was scared witless. I found myself sitting in the office staring at the phone, paralysed by the fear. Too scared to pick up the phone and speak to clients. The one thing that I needed to do to safeguard the business, my home, my family was beyond me.
Whether it is worry or anxiety disorder is really about the scale of the anxiety and the effect that it has on your life. Whatever your fear, if it is making you change the way you behave, causing problems in your life then it is time to seek help.
Don't leave it too late.
I now have things back under control, business has picked up, I worry less. The main thing is that I have learnt how to keep my worries in perspective and have lost the paralysing fear that had become a part of my life
If you think that you are experiencing an anxiety disorder visit my blog for more information
Nick Harrison suffered from an anxiety disorder and panic attacks for many years before finally finding the solution that has changed his life. You can read his story at his blog.

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  1. Thank you Jovit for sharing this. I have anxiety disorder and I have to deal with pain attacks on a regular basis. I am learning to better control my anxiety through I hope this is helpful!