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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

These is Why Managing Stress is so Difficult

Managing stress has proved very difficult and this is the story across the vast majority of society. Before looking at the difficulties of managing stress, it will be vital to know what exactly stress is and how it comes about. Lazarus in his model of stress put it very clearly and described stress as the situation that occurs when your resources seem to have been depleted by the outside demand until you feel you have nothing to offer. Stress is one of those things that is best experienced so that you can know exactly what it feels like. You will always have stressful situations as long as you are alive and therefore, everyone has an idea of what stress is all about. Stressors are causes of stress and they can be external or internal.

Stress reacts very differently in people and there is therefore no standard system that can totally describe effects of stress. This is owed to the unique functions of the brains of individuals. This is the main reason why managing stress is so difficult. Firstly, when you are stressed you will have all kinds of symptoms and, when you visit a specialist, they have to rule out all possibilities to arrive at stress and stress diagnosis is not very easy. Some of the symptoms and signs of stress might be anger which seems to be directed at everyone, very low self esteem, irritation and impatience, confusion and so many others. Some of the physical signs include insomnia or lack of sleep, too much sleep, panic attacks, low energy and poor concentration, a nasty feeling in your stomach and so many others.

You will notice that the symptoms are unpredictable and for women who visit a doctor suffering from nausea, headaches, mood swings and stomach upsets, the specialist might consider a pregnancy test and other abdominal tests. In order to establish whether stress is the disease a patient is suffering from, a doctor will ask the patient some questions in regards to their personal life and find out whether a major or minor stressor might be the cause. When stress is the problem there are ways you will find helpful in relieving stress. They include giving yourself some space, learning to relax, knowing your limits and talking. Sharing or pouring your heart out is always therapeutic.

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