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Monday, January 25, 2010

Anxiety Symptoms - Physical and Mental

By Emily Lybe
Anxiety is very complicated for both the victim and even others around the victim. If you haven't felt the results of anxiety it's quite hard to understand. Even the victim may feel confused about what is going on or what may be causing their anxiety. Sometimes it's hard to realize you aren't just shy, sensitive, etc. but that you suffer from an anxiety disorder. A lot of people have anxiety. It's the most common disorder, but also the least understood.
Physical Symptoms
Have you ever looked at someone and kind of guessed that they suffered from some kind of anxiety disorder? Or, if you didn't know what anxiety was, have you ever guessed someone was depressed, unhappy, shy, or suffering from low self esteem? People with anxiety can look stressed, unhappy, or mentally exhausted. Anxiety can actually make you very ill physically. It can lower your immune system's ability to fight off infections, and sometimes it can even get to the point where the sufferer has a heart attack or stroke. This is because it causes irregular heartbeats. Anxiety can also make a person either binge eat for stress relief or cause them to a lock of appetite. This means that anxiety could make a person be over or under their normal weight. They may also develop obsessive behaviors, they may find it impossible to get up in the morning, etc. It call depends on which anxiety they suffer from.
Mental Symptoms
For people who suffer from anxiety, the mental symptoms are extremely stressful. They may find it impossible to think about anything except what they're anxious about. This can cause a person to become highly depressed or even have a mental breakdown and not be able to perform normal day-to-day tasks. Anxiety can cause a person to completely change mentally. A person who was once very social may become a homebody and may not even want much socialization with friends/family. The anxiety can be so overwhelming and confusing for the sufferer that they may not even want to explain it to others. It may even feel impossible to put how they feel into words. It can also cause mood-swings.
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