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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pregnant and Feeling Cranky? - What To Do When The World Irritates You

Feeling cranky and irritable? Don't blame yourself, blame your hormones! With all these changes happening to your body, you are almost certain to become irritable, fatigued and fed up with being pregnant at one point or another. But don't worry, there are tricks and things you can do to help reduce your irritability during pregnancy that will help you feel better (and I'm sure help others around you feel much better!).

Try Talking It Out

Sometimes all it takes is a good talk to help calm you down and make you more relaxed. Becoming a new parent is enough to make anyone stressed and irritable. As well, if you're too busy with company, and outings, it may be stressing you out more than you realize. It's important to make sure to set aside plenty of time for you and your partner to be alone. Find someone that is willing to just listen to you vent. The best friends are those that just let you talk as much as you need.

As well, if you find yourself particularly annoyed and irritable one day, try to set aside some time completely to yourself to do something you find relaxing. You'll find that you feel better, and you'll have avoided saying something to your family that you might regret later! Sometimes I have to say to my husband, "It might be best if you give me some "Me" time, and he knows to leave me alone for awhile!

Try Keeping Active

Be sure to keep active every day. You can perform light stretching or other low-impact exercises. Exercise is a great way to de-stress and it is also very healthy for you and your baby. If you can get outdoors it's really the best. Sunlight has a great way of clearing our heads and improving our mood. If you can't get outdoors, try opening the curtains and the windows and getting some fresh air that way.

What To Do If You Are Continually Irritable?

You may be experiencing aches and pains from your pregnancy, emotional stress, or even fear. Be sure to consult with your doctor if you remain irritable for more than three days, it may be something physical rather than emotional. Always consult with your doctor before taking any antidepressants or other medications during your pregnancy. A medication that was safe to use before you became pregnant may very well not be safe to use during pregnancy!
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