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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Releasing Stress By Reversing Any Negative Feelings

You must have noticed your lips curled tightly in a straight line. Your eyeballs seem to pop out with that hate look. Witness the head-on collision of your eyebrows. See the many wrinkles spreading all over your forehead. Oh, is that steam coming out of your nostrils and ears, like that of a raging bull ready to attack?

From your face, now look at the rest of your body. Notice how your fists are clenched. Your arms and muscles are flexed in boxing position. Your feet are eager to go. You are ready to attack.... yourself!

What had been just described was the typical facial expression and body language of a person in a fighting mood. People react to anger this way due to some reaction that releases chemicals within the human body.

Now, try another exercise. Again, while in front of the mirror, try to widen your lips resembling a smile. As you do this, slowly notice how your eyeballs sink in as your eyes turn into a horizontal slit. Your previously clashing eyebrows now seem to go separate ways as if they just got divorced. Your forehead are unmarked by wrinkles. Your flaring nostrils and red ears now appear normal with absolute absence of steam.

Your fists are unclenched, muscles are loose, and arms are beside you as if hugging your funny bones. Your feet are energetically tapping the floor ready to burst in laughter. You feel as if you are seated at the front row of a live comic show.

The first exercise shows how you look when you are angry, while the second exercise describes you when you are happy. Notice the big difference?

With this perspective, it only proves feelings like anger, resentment, and hatred makes you physically look older and hostile; that by just one look, you can make an innocent child cry and scamper for safety. Ill feelings take its toll on your health.

On the reverse, feeling of joy makes you physically look younger and vibrant. The smile on your face makes you appear approachable even to a child. As a bonus, joy results to improved health and well-being.

Based on the above exercises, it only proves that the body language is a reflection of the current feelings and emotions within. This, therefore, holds the key to reversing negative feelings.

Simply put, to reverse ill feelings, change your body language or just smile!

Feeling bad? Consciously change your frown into a wide grin and feel the anger dissipate and melt away. Straighten up your sluggish posture, walk at a faster pace and smile!

Your emotions and feelings can be reversed by the way you move your body. When you are not in the mood, simply use your body to immediately acquire a positive mood.
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