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Monday, January 4, 2010

How to Live With an Attitude of Success

Becoming successful requires perseverance and consistency. It's not something you work on for an hour a day, and leave off the rest of the time. One of the best allies you can develop on your journey of self-improvement is an attitude of success. This attitude will govern your responses to the events, good and bad, that come your way every day. An attitude of success is a basic mind change that will bring you satisfaction and, hopefully, success!

So just what constitutes an attitude of success? First of all, get the big picture in your mind. What is the ultimate goal or goals that you hope to see materialize within the years to come? Keep that picture close to your consciousness at all times. For instance, do you hope to lose weight, or to have a successful business career? Then keep that picture in your mind. By doing this, you will be more likely to spot a positive choice and to avoid bad choices as they arise.

Once you have the big picture in mind, the next step in living with an attitude of success is to be prepared to work hard and work consistently to see it come to pass. A positive, hopeful mindset is essential, but so is action if you are ever to see your goals become reality. Realize that dedication and hard work are a vital part of theattitude of success.

Another helpful element of the attitude of success is to devise some way to keep track of your progress toward your goal. Write out your plans, in detail and with deadlines. Plan to reward yourself when you reach those benchmarks. Rewards don't have to be extravagant. Buy yourself some small gift you wouldn't otherwise indulge in, or spend half a day knocking off and doing something you really want to do. But don't forget to get back to work when your reward time is over!

A discussion of an attitude of success would be incomplete without thinking about how we handle stress. A vibrant, hard-working success lifestyle is sure to have moments of serious stress. The worst response to stress is to let yourself get knocked off course in the pursuit of your dreams. Find healthful ways to diffuse general frustrations. Regular exercise is a wonderful habit that helps to relieve stress as well as building confidence and fighting depression. Try to get seven or eight hours of sleep each night, too. And don't forget the importance of a daily multi-vitamin along with a nutritious diet.

Sometimes, though, stress can help us toward our goals. If the stress you feel is filling you with a restless energy, channel that feeling into some activity that will further your dream.

Finally, keep a positive attitude if you want to live with an attitude of success. Here are several suggestions for keeping things positive. Don't beat yourself up over small failures - or even big failures. Own up to them, yes, but then forgive yourself, and don't repeat the mistake. Also, watch out for complaining. Look for things to be thankful for, such as beautiful weather, good health, happy kids, or a snug roof over your head. Be thankful, and watch your happiness soar!
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