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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

8 Things to Remember When Living With a Depressed Person

By Puneet Aggarwal
You would probably agree when I say that living with a depressed person could sometimes be hard. Seeing that person cry over and over again, noticing him/her having no interest in doing daily activities, observing how s/he struggles in doing even the simplest task, or witnessing how this person loathes against him/herself all of that could be really heartbreaking especially if that person is your loved one.
So what should you remember when living with a depressed person?
First is always be considerate and compassionate. Never get pissed off with how they deal with their difficulties. You see, getting depressed is already not good, and having people around you who makes you feel no good will make things worse. Moreover, never think that people with depression just would not want to snap out of it. They are dealing with real illness and they'll need professional help to get through it. It's not something that they would just get rid of by wanting to.
Second is you must be familiar with what depression is. Spend a few hours reading about what depression is, what can be done to stop depression, and why depression occurs in the first place. Understanding what your loved one is going through will be of big help to both of you.
Third, offer small acts of kindness. Even though a depressed person would not reciprocate, or won't seem to appreciate such acts, these will still help them go through with their ordeal and unconsciously, these efforts are much appreciated.
Fourth, always make them feel that they are not alone. A person with depression will have loneliness as one of its symptoms. Letting them feel that they are loved, or at the least, appreciated despite everything will help them gain back more self-confidence and more hope.
Fifth, offer assistance in doing activities such as chores but do not take away opportunities for him/her to do things that s/he is still able to do.
Sixth, remind the person that whatever his going through is caused by depression, a disorder, and that s/he is not to be blamed.
Seventh, slowly persuade the depressed person to seek help. Explain to him/her the benefits of going to a doctor, or having therapy sessions with a counselor. However, do not push him too much. Just persuade the person slowly so that s/he would not feel any pressure as this could be bad for depression.
Eighth, encourage the person to take supplements such as homeopathic remedies. Discuss to him/her how ingredients like St. John's wort and Passion flower will help in dealing with his depression. Give him several benefits of taking homeopathic remedies, like how this would support emotional wellness, lessen feelings of blues, and promote good sleep cycle.
As you can see, there are several ways in which you could help a depressed person. Remember, do not let depression take over your loved one's life, nor make life difficult for you.
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