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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stress, How Important It Is In Student's Life

By: EDU Info

Stress is an unwanted essential part of the education. Perhaps, life will be more appropriate instead of the word education. Well! It may look silly to look together unwanted and essential. But, think again, does it really not fit with each other? Stress is essential because it forces us to work harder. On the other hand, it is unwanted because it retards our working efficiency. So, stress is a consequence of any form of intense mental, physical and emotional problem. It may occur because of issues generated by meeting deadline or dealing with boss or poor earning.

Here, we will understand how significant it is in education. Education is all about mental game which is pretty delicate and tricky to handle. For instance, you have passed examination with distinction. Now, you are desperately seeking for top college list and college information. If you feel that a distinction scored student can not fall into stress trauma then you are wrong. Students score distinction for the sake of smooth entry into their favorite college. So, they rely upon online college information. Though, there are information caterer websites but you can not believe upon every data.

It is quite unfortunate but true that most of the time online educational resources misguide our students. Eventually, misinformation throws them into improper institutions and they become stress victim person. They feel as if their dreams have been shattered and their own high expectations accumulate relentless pressure upon them. Well! Lets assume, somehow they have been successfully admitted into their favorite college. Would it be stress free situation? Again, the answer is, no. Self mounted pressure rises whenever they interact with the new teacher, new course or any new events or situations. It reaches on the peak by realizing the unrealistic expectation especially from peers.

If we particularly speak about gifted student then it seems as if these ones become stress victim due to their own intense thinking. They love to deal with intellectual challenges. In every context be it school activities, sports or part time jobs; they take it everything as the challenge and strive to win it at any cost.

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