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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Secret Of How To Stop Being Self Conscious

By: D Walker

For years, people have tried to figure out how to be less self conscious in all types of situations. To truly be less self conscious requires that an individual recognize that the entire world is not looking at them constantly. Ironically, everyone else is so busy looking at themselves that they probably dont have time to look at other people anyway.

Overcoming self consciousness starts by looking inwardly and identifying the strengths that you possess. Its a process that involves an awareness and recognition of the value that you bring to the world and those around you. You may say, I am self conscious about my body and I know others are looking at me. Maybe you are not the perfect weight or height. Maybe your skin is not the color you think it should be. Or perhaps you dont think your hair is becoming. Maybe you dont have perfect skin.

Does that mean you are any less valuable to society? No!

People who are overly self conscious about their bodies find it difficult to interact socially. They believe that they are inferior to others. But nothing is so drastically incorrect!

But its not just body image that makes people self conscious. Some people become nervous in groups of people because they believe everyone is staring at them. For some reason, they feel inadequate or inferior. They feel a flush of heat rising on their neck as their self consciousness rapidly escalates to anxiety and fear. They are no longer able to think or concentrate because they are so focused on themselves that they lose confidence in their ability to speak and interact. They lose control.

Self Consciousness and Self Confidence

Being overly self conscious can demean and lower self confidence. A loss of self confidence makes it even more difficult to deal with social situations and overcome self consciousness. The vicious cycle ensues when an individual allows self consciousness to overtake their mind.

Self conscious people demonstrate their lack of self confidence and poor self esteem through their body language. Being tense and anxious shows in your face and body movements. A person who is always tense and stressed finds it more difficult to exude self confidence and maintain control. Once you no longer have control over your mind, it is difficult to face challenges and situations. A lack of self confidence and low self esteem lead to even greater insecurities and increased self consciousness.
Ways to Overcome Self Consciousness

Some helpful ways to overcome self consciousness include:

Face your fears and acknowledge them. Recognize what makes you anxious and self conscious. This enables you to prepare for what is to come and be prepared to accept the challenges.

Center your mind and body. Learn to calm yourself in the face of anxiety by breathing deeply, focusing on an object, or using positive affirmations.

Anticipate potential situations and figure out how you would handle them in advance.

If you anticipate you will be asked questions that make you nervous, consider how you can respond to them without becoming overly anxious. Preparation in advance can help, but dont obsess over preparing for every scenario or your self consciousness will just become worse.

Stop being self conscious by becoming more self aware. Be less self conscious by facing your fears and anxieties head-on and learning new coping mechanisms such as meditation, positive affirmations, and examining your strengths and value to the world. Once you are able to stop being self conscious, you can start truly living and reaching your full potential.

Be less self conscious by becoming more self confident and boost self esteem. Then you will be prepared to live the life you were meant to live and you can go forward with living.

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