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Friday, February 12, 2010

Various Treatments of Depression

By Aisha Ahmed
Mild and small depressions can be treated very easily and effectively using psychotherapy. Natural therapy can also be of much help for an individual to understand that he has a natural inclination for low moods and negative thoughts. Learn to cope up with life's disappointments better. Light therapy which includes exposing the patient to bright light for a fixed period of time may also help in effectively relieving the symptoms of depression.
In the situation of a more intensive depression, medication is provided. Medicines form the main avenue for such treatments. Psychotherapy is also a very important compliment to the medications provided. The medicines restore the chemical balance that was lost due to depression in the brain. Psychotropic medicines may also lift the "veil of sorrow". SSRIs which include sertraline, fluoxetine and paraxetine is the major medicine that is used for depression. Though the general doctors also prescribe medicines like this, it is always better to consult an expert for your depression. A psychopharmacologist is the person who is specifically trained to evaluate and prescribe medicine for depression.
Treatment with anti-depressant medicines may take a lot of time to work. As depression varies from each person to person, prescribing the same medicine for all of them may not be very effective. There will always be a trial and error method involved to find the medicine that suites you the best.
Severe cases of depression may require the patient to be admitted to a hospital and treated. There can be hallucinations or paranoid persecutory delusions during severe cases. So it is always advised to take expert help for depression.
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