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Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't Let Anxiety Control You

By E Knouse
Anxiety is such a common experience that many of us consider it part of the standard human condition. This is fully untrue! Nervousness is basically an unusual and needless state that may be permanently removed from one's life for keeps. To grasp why and how this is possible continue reading. To explain what nervousness represents I'm going to use a metaphor. Consider a steam cooker which has water in it. As the heat is turned up and the water starts to boil the pressure within the cooker will usually go up. The water vapor will put some leverage on the walls of the cooker in a scheme to get out. It is this pressure confirm that I equate with the uneasiness state i.e. An internal emotional pressure. Permit me to explain.
Within each of us there's a warehouse of upsetting or negative feelings that live in what many call the comatose mind or body. Those feelings must be kept in hand i.e. They have got to be kept unconscious because if they were to impinge or intrude on one's conscious awareness during one's day they might immediately distract one and weaken their abilities to remain targeted on what they are meant to be doing. Those negative feelings are however generated by the numerous negative memories of one's earlier life experience, i.e. Also called one's life history, that are stockpiled in the comatose mind or body. As one lives out their life the accumulative set of memories grows so exerting a bigger and larger pressure from inside. The energy needed to keep back this ever increasing pressure continuously increases. What you may not get is this energy has to come from the stores of what's called your Life Force Energy also known as LFE. LFE is your vital life energy, or the energy of life. It's what supports your intelligence's and body's perfect structure and functionality. So as more of your life energy is re-routed to keeping negative feelings from exploding and destabilizing you they finish up destabilizing you anyhow because they cumulatively draw down your energy stores. Sadly this is like dying!
After all that is what occurs when one is dying their life energy is drained from their bodies. There's now a technique to break this outwardly uninterruptible process and that's by erasing or removing the negative memories from the unconscious mind absolutely and permanently so the pressure they exert ceases. As you can imagine as this occurs it is feasible to accumulative reclaim all the energy that was being siphoned off to keep the negative feelings these memories were sucking out of you. A new training process that was developed over ten years back can swiftly and simply erase negative memories. In doing so it will help you reclaim massive amounts of imperative life energy which equates to feeling stronger, more tranquil, free, carefree, confident, empowered, lighter, calmer, more clear, more centered, joyous, having bigger self worth and self worth and lots more.
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