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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weight Management For Permanent Weight Loss

More and more people today are overweight. Obesity is a growing problem that is out of control. Weight management in today's world is not easy.

Why do we have problems with weight management? This should be simple, eat less and exercise more. Why is it so hard to do?

First, our society rizes food and lots of it. We learn to live to eat, rather than eat to live. We love food and we enjoy eating. Second, we love to socialize and much of that socializing is done around food. There are buffets at parties, birthday cakes at the office, candy bars at the water cooler, and many other opportunities all day long to eat. Eating good food isn't the problem, but eating too much usually is.

The first step to controlling your weight is accepting the responsibility for it. If you really
feel like you have an undiagnosed health problem contributing to your weight, go to your doctor
immediately. Otherwise, accept that you are the main reason for being the weight that you are. So, get over it. Forget the past and blaming yourself or anyone else. Realize thatweight management is something that you should do for life - YOUR life - and TAKE ACTION NOW!!!!

Here are some tips and a few ways to control your intake of food on a daily basis.

1. Increase your intake of water.
An active metabolism requires large quantities of water. Drink a tall grass of cold water before each meal and every time you feel hungry between meals.

2. Utilize Mental Techniques For Change
Hypnosis can help curb your appetite and get your unconscious mind on the page as your conscious goals. Reiki can also help with reducing your stress or helping you resolve relatedweight management issues. Use these relaxation methods, to reduce stress
and stop binges due to stress. Also, specific yoga breathing techniques can help speed up up your metabolism.

3. Increase your intake of fiber.
Eat beans, fresh vegetables, fruit, oat bran, and other high fiber foods. Also, eat healthy foods and reduce fats.

4. Don't skip meals.
Your first meal after waking activates your metabolism. Skipping meals causes your body to go into a "starvation" mode, slowing dow to conserve energy.

5. Reduce your intake of caffeine
To lose weight faster give up the caffeine laced drinks such as tea, coffee.

6. Increase Spice
Hot, spicy foods, like hot peppers and mustards, may help to speed up your metabolism.

7. Exercise
Exercise enhances the fat burning process. Exercise does not have to be strenuous to be effective and help speed up your metabolism. Walking around the block a few times at lunch, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and parking at a spot that isn't convenient, are all examples of ways that you can easily bring exercise into your life.

8. Start A New Hobby
Halt eating as a reward or positive activity. Take up a new hobby that involves some activity, such as dancing, hiking, golf, tennis, or racquetball.

9. Slow Down
Take your time eating to make sure than every mouthful is chewed at least 20 times. When you eat more slowly you feel full sooner and on less food.

10. Forget about fad diets.
Fads, diets and quick weight loss prgrams are ineffective. In the end you'll gain back more than you lost. Stay away from these and stick to sound, healthy eating principles.

Remember to eliminate eating between meals! If you feel that you much have "something" remember to drink a cold glass of water and eat an apple instead of junk food.

Also, remember that old saying, "A moment on the lips, forever on the hips!"
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About the Author

JM Jackson is a fitness, health and weight loss consultant in northern Califormia. For more information see, Weight Loss Hypnosis.

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