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Friday, February 12, 2010

Panic and Anxiety Attacks Can Be Treated Effectively

By Laine Tunnesen
Panic, or anxiety, attacks are not just in your imagination. Millions of people will experience these potentially debilitating episodes at least once. Panic attacks can start without warning. They can transform your life and not in a positive way. The good news is that panic attacks can be treated - they do not have to create havoc and desperation.
Panic episodes can last from several minutes to several hours, and can vary greatly in intensity. It helps tremendously to gain understanding about anxiety attacks - how and why they occur and how they can be treated. The truth is that in most cases there is effective treatment for panic attacks. The operative word in the last sentence is 'effective'. There have been ineffective suggestions for the treatment of panic and anxiety attacks. Among them:
  • Avoid stress and situations that can cause anxiety. Well, sure. I've got news for whoever gives that advice. We live in a stressful world. And there are many situations, such as a simple traffic jam or a boss's unreasonable demand, that can lead to stress overload and acute anxiety.
  • Keep a daily journal. I have nothing against journalling; in fact, I think journalling is a great way to clarify one's thoughts and identify emotional reactions to those thoughts and the various events of the day. But in the throes of an acute episode of panic, I don't think you will have the capacity to calmly sit down and journal your way out of it.
Because some suggestions are misguided doesn't mean there are not legitimate strategies and techniques to stop panic from disrupting your life. There are effective treatments, and in fact there are effective treatments which use natural solutions and are not based on pharmaceuticals.
And there is more good news. Panic and anxiety attacks can be effectively treated whether you've only endured one mild episode or you've been struggling with extremely intense episodes for years.
There are many things about our lives, and about the times and circumstances in which we live, which we cannot somehow change by wishing they were different. But there are successful strategies, techniques and treatments that can provide a good and lasting remedy against panic and anxiety attacks.
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