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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Hidden Cause Of High Blood Pressure

By: Christian Goodman

In this article, I'm going to appeal to your common sense. I beg you to be open minded and not swallow raw, everything the medical business is feeding you.

Why do I ask you to do that?

It's simple. What is the first point, any official health site, discussing high blood pressure, tries to pressure?

They use all their effort to talk you into that the only method that works for hypertension is prescription drugs. Yes, they may mention other things like exercising or changing your diet, but that's only a secondary thing dealt with in a paragraph or two.

And like taking medications for a while wasn't enough, they also want to keep you on them for the rest of your life. It suppresses the symptoms. Doesn't cure the illness.

And what do they claim to be the cause for hypertension?

No1 ... They admit they don't know

No2 ... Genetic reasons

No3 ... Other illnesses

And if you forgot. Their treatment again...

DRUGS, DRUGS, and again DRUGS!

Even the doctors themselves admit that most often they don't know what's causing the high blood pressure. But they refuse to look at any other method than using drugs.

But you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what really causes hypertension.

Here it comes... You've probably often experienced your blood pressure ski-rock. And I bet you, whatever you were dealing with at that time was very stressful. Wasn't it?

Your body was actually reacting to the situation in a very functional way, when it raised your pressure. You see, when you're faced with danger or stress, your body goes into fight and flight mood.

This is an essential mechanism to deal with dangerous situation. This is the mechanism our forefathers depended on to run away from or fight predators. When you go into the flight or fight mood, your blood pressure rises and your muscles get tense.

There is a big problem with the modern world. We engage in stressful situations like that every day. We're surrounded by people we don't know. Some of them may even be murderers or human predators. At best, in every workplace there is someone ready to compete with you and take your job.

The pressure from the world is also different. We've a "life standard" to reach and the dread of not fulfilling it. Money worries are probably the biggest stress factor in most people's life and I believe it kills more people than anything else.

I only take "life standard dread" as an example. Any pressure you're stressed about, raises your blood pressure. These nagging worries just won't let us alone.

So what is the solution? You can't change the world but you can give your body and mind a focused brake!

And it's actually quite easy. Giving your mind a few minutes focused brake is all it needs to recover. Your blood pressure drops drastically during these few minutes and stays down for a long time afterwards. You'll feel relax and happy.

Most people who practice my high blood pressure exercises are back to normal blood pressure within a week and totally off any medication. Even those suffering from ski-rocking high hypertension.

You can experience the same in only a few days.

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Christian Goodman is a world known natural health researcher. His unique guide for managing high blood pressure has been proven to be very helpful to quickly lower blood pressure. Learn more at his natural health alternative website

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