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Friday, February 12, 2010

Beck Anxiety Inventory Scoring

By Trevor T Mosley
The Beck anxiety inventory scoring system contains a scale which is used to measure the anxiety levels. This scale rates the answers of the inventory respondents according to their symptoms and the frequency of their occurrence.
Each symptom in the inventory has scores of between zero and 3, which the test taker uses to evaluate the level of anxiety that they experience. The inventory's rating is as follows:
* A score of zero indicates that the respondent does not have this symptom at all.
* A score of one indicates the presence of the symptom, although the individual would describe it as mild and doesn't affect him at all.
* A score of two indicates that the individual has the symptom and it is affecting him often. This means he experiences a moderate level of the anxiety symptom.
* A score of 3 means "I do have this symptom, and it affects me greatly and often." This score shows a severe level of the anxiety symptom.
Some of the symptoms rated by the inventory include fear of dying, difficulty in breathing, feeling nervous, dizziness, wobbliness in the legs and numbness, among other symptoms. They are aimed at distinguishing anxiety from depression symptoms.
Having read through all the symptoms as included in the inventory, the respondent will give it a rating. Then, he tallies the values that are indicated against each symptom. The total score is the anxiety level indicator. The score can be evaluated in the following manner:
* A total score of zero and 21 shows a low level of anxiety.
* A final score in the range of 22 and 35 reflects a moderate level of anxiety, and
* A total score of above 36 shows very high anxiety, in which case the respondent should seek help for their anxiety problems.
Every individual answers the inventory differently and will have a score that is unique to him/her self. The situations that one is in will have a direct correlation to the final score. The respondent has to examine his experience with each symptom in the past one week. This will allow accurate feedback with regards to the frequency and consistency of the symptoms.
A low anxiety level is cause for celebration as it indicates that the respondent is very happy with his life, although anxiety exists for a reason. It is healthy to live a life with mild form of anxieties. Conversely, too much anxiety can cause one to live in fear and can be debilitating on his physical condition. Those who have moderate levels of anxiety are usually able to suppress their anxieties, although they should be careful not let it get out of proportion.
Anxiety levels indicated by the Beck anxiety inventory scoring should help individuals learn where they rank in terms of their mental and emotional health, as well as to know if they require professional help to cope with the results. Those with moderate to high levels of anxiety can consult medical practitioners for methods of how to keep their anxiety under control and how to enjoy a stress free life.
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