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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Emotional Freedom Technique - Real Or Not?

Is EFT Real or is it a scam?
When I'm asked is EFT real. I stand there in disbelieve, gawp and wonder how can YOU not think that it is real? Have you not noticed the change in me in the last few months?
If they have not, I think I have more changing to do. Are you expecting a certain result with EFT?
I have no doubt in my mind that EFT is real and works for me and others. I think people really ask this question because they are wondering, will it work for ME?
Yes, Yes, Yes.
The problem is, a new EFTer doesn't know that it will. Why?
1. EFT isn't something you can buy in a supermarket.
2. EFT isn't ever going to be discovered by everybody.
3. EFT isn't going to be done by everybody.
4. Your own self doubt that it will work or that you're allowed to change.
Things don't exist but we trust and believe in them.
1. The wind is not something you see or can hold, but we all know it exists. You feel it, just EFT.
2. Most of use believe in something called God, the universe, something bigger than use. It's written In God We Trust on the dollar.
3. All the money in the world physically does not exist, but we believe that Money is real.
Yes, there are case studies that prove that EFT works and is real. There are also cases studies that prove it is not as effective as I think it is. This scenario is possible with everything.
I believe EFT is something you have to experience and notice for yourself.
Quick Fix
You know I love my Champagne moments. Yet not everybody will get these straight off the bat.
Why Is It Not Working?
Much of the time newcomers stop too early in their EFT journey and before it has had a dramatic impact on and in their life. EFT's effects can be quick and cumulative at the same time.
Certain Outcome
You're not doing a full and complete round of EFT. Then you wonder why it does not work.
When you do EFT, you're expecting a certain outcome. There are many ways to get your outcome and result.
You are afraid to admit what you are really feeling or wanting in your life.
How Much Does Belief Have To Play?
I think belief does have a role to play in EFT. In as much as, it will keep you tapping when you don't want to and nothing seems to be happening.
Do EFT for 30 days on everything and many times a day, then we'll discuss whether EFT doesn't work.
EFT works all the time.
If you're not getting the results you deserve and want, let me know. We're all here to help each other.
How do you explain EFT to others?
Are you just actually afraid to believe you deserve what you want?
EFT can change your life. To get your FREE EFT Tapping Guide Click Here
Andrew Wilkie travels the world, works with his laptop and helps people change their lives with their finger tips.

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