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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Create Confidence - The Physiology Of Success

By: Dee Brady

Want to transform how you feel? Want to fix it instantly? Try this - stand up and complete five star jumps, smile and shout "I feel terrific" five times. You might like to try this in the comfort of your own home sooner than in the middle of a hectic workplace. Okay you might feel a little daft but you will feel changed. You'll have smiled and moved, you've told your mind and your body "this is something else". Your mind and body are inextricably linked. If you adjust whatever you are doing with your body (your physiology) - how you breathe, how you stand, how you speak and hold yourself - it affects your mind and will transform how you feel.

Picture this person, they amble slowly, they have drooping shoulders, they look miserable, their eyes look down to the floor. What do you see? Somebody that is depressed. No one decides to be depressed but it's not merely a mental state, as we've seen it's also a particular body image (or a particular body physiology). By carrying on like this they are automatically continuing to reach the decision to be depressed.

So can we alter? You bet, you can transform your physiology and your state of mind in an moment. Put yourself in a place of ultimate self confidence. Imagine what a thoroughly self confident person would look like and emulate them. Stand up tall, shoulders back, looking out at one and all, making eye contact, smiling, breathing deeply. Walk like you imagine a self-confident person would, not sloping along but bounding along, head held up, shoulders back, on a mission you are headed somewhere not merely wasting time. Try it. You can't feel fed up or depressed with this posture. Your mind is linked to your body and it's getting the message that you are in a state of awareness and you mean business. You are instructing your body that you prefer to be self-confident and that you are self-confident. By transforming your body (your physiology) you are instructing your mind that you are self-confident and that you are in control of your feelings.

Make the space to invest in yourself not in monetary ways but invest in your feelings. Start feeling the way you would like to feel. Imagine you are about to grasp the job of your dreams, how would you feel, how would you hold yourself? Now "bottle" that feeling and your physiology. You can call on that anytime you like. You can transform to a place of ultimate self confidence by changing your physiology - open the "bottle" and recreate the physiology and the feelings Remember all human behaviour is end result of the state we are in so if we are feeling self-confident and strong we can attempt things we would have never have dreamt likely whilst we were feeling fed up and drained.

"Put your future in good hands - your own". Author Unknown.

Make feeling self-confident part of your every day routine. Whenever you think about it reach the decision to conduct yourself with confidence so it becomes a routine. Make certain you stand up tall, look others in the eyes, whilst they are speaking to you pay attention and look at them and whilst you are talking keep up good eye contact with them. Even if at the start you are still having to think about being self-confident, you will still communicate the correct signals to inspire people around you. That is the amazing phenomenon about self-confident body language. Change your body posture and your thinking and you can grow to be the self-confident person you aspire to be.

This article was written by Dee Brady the creator of where you can find more information on overcoming lack of confidence.

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