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Friday, February 12, 2010

Reproductive Events and Depression

By Aisha Ahmed
A woman's reproductive events can play a very vital role in the depression she suffers. The major events I this process includes menstrual cycle, pregnancy, post pregnancy period of time, menopause, infertility and even the decisions like no to have children. Such events bring fluctuations in the mood of women. This shift in moods can lead to depression. The expert studies show that the hormonal changes during these periods can change the brain chemistry which can cause depression or other mood swings. The exact mechanism of this is however not known.
All women will experience some physical and behavioral changes during the different phase of menstrual cycles. In a few these changes can be very severe. They may occur regularly and can invoke depressed feelings and irritation. This is called premenstrual syndrome or premenstrual sysphoric disorder. The change begins with the process of ovulation and will worsen till the beginning of menstruation. Research is now going on to find out how the change in estrogen during these cycles affects the mood of a woman.
Pregnancy usually does not make depression. But if there is an abortion involved, this can lead to serious depression. Infertile women are always victims of tension and depression. They will be exposed to extreme sadness and anxiety. The stress and tension during motherhood may also lead to depression.
Menopause does not contribute to the factors causing depression generally. But there are cases when depression occurs during menopause. Any disorder during this process can make the woman a victim of depression. The reproductive life of a woman is subject to more depression than a man.
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