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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Overcoming Depression - An Interview With One Man's Struggle

By John DeProspo
No matter who you are or what walk of life you are from, you can suffer from depression. Those that suffer from this disease find it a constant struggle to sometimes wake up in the morning and try to go about their day. Many turn to doctors and antidepressants for help, only to find that not only do they not work, but in some case have a worse effect than before. In the struggle that many have to find something that does work, we often find that hearing about how someone else recovered can be an inspiration for your own recovery.
While this author is developing his expertise on the subject of depression, and having battled with it for many years, I succeeded in living a semi-normal life. As with one of the problems with disease, it started in early childhood. Alienated from peers and having problems at home, as well as a thyroid gland deficiency. Even with the gland problem taken care of, the symptoms continued to linger. At the time, this condition was not even thought of as a real disease, and put under the label of just feeling down. Antidepressants were not even heard of, and those medications were mostly prescribed for other things at the time.
With the limited amount of information available I struggled to lead a normal life. The problem was the situations kept getting worse with every major let down, like divorces and having to move around a lot and not being able to keep a steady job. I was plunging deeper and deeper. Soon there was no want or desire to get up in the morning, and thoughts of dying were on the horizon.
That is when I decided that something had to change, but what to do? Again, not much was really studied about my depression, and I could not afford expensive doctors, so I decided to try to get on disability for help. This in itself was a struggle, but at this point there was no way I was in any condition to work. I was at the bottom, living in a flop house, with no future in front of me other than the next life. I met someone, and we got together, and I thought things would be better, and they were somewhat, but my depression soon resurfaced again. It was always there, preventing me from enjoying my new relationship.
When my kids were born, I thought everything would change. Both of them were a joyous experience, and the love for them was always there. As my condition got worse, in desperation for some relief, I turned to doctors for answers. Of course, back then treatment options were limited and I was prescribed a popular antidepressant. I won't mention any names, but it is still being administered today, but for other things. I personally did not feel any different, but my partner did, and noticed that I was getting more and more outwardly angry at just about any little thing. While fearing for my kids, my medication was changed and even these did not help.
The first piece of advice, is take control of your situation. Do not take no for an answer, when it comes to trying to find alternatives. Do as much research as possible and educate yourself. I found ways that did help me through meditation and changing my diet to home cooked meals and also eliminating processed foods. I also found an old saying that says, "fake it till you make it". This worked as my own personal mantra for many years, and still does to this day.
When something tries to knock you down, like depression, you have to just keep going. You need to try alternatives to antidepressants. There are so many studies that show not only do they not work, but can be detrimental to both your mental and your physical health. Keep going, don't stop, don't let your illness get the better of you. It literally is a case of mind over matter, and you can learn to overcome this through different meditative techniques, but you also have to want to do it. If you can not do it for yourself, think of your spouse and your kids, they need you and they can help you with this problem.
Even after everything, there are going to be many times when a bout of depression strikes without warning. It may be something you see on television, or hear on the radio. It may be losing your job, or having to move. The best way to get better is to address it directly and take the time to get away by yourself and use your self help techniques. Then you can move on, if you stay focused, you will get over it.
Sometimes you can find something you like, and get paid for it. In my struggle to understand depression, I have been able to write articles about it. Including how most antidepressants and other medications prescribed to me have worked out, or not. I have been blessed enough to learn all I can about it and turn the information into something everyone can understand. I always try to help the next person lead a normal life. I have also been able to make a living with it. I also have much support from my current wife, and son. They have stuck by me through good times and bad, and this is also something that you will need to make it. If you have to wake up every day and tell yourself that you are doing it for them, then do it. This is where that "fake it till you make it" comes into play.
When you find something that works for you, stick with it like glue. It can literally save your life. No matter how bad a situation looks, there is always another day to look to, and something else on the horizon.
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