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Monday, March 1, 2010

3 Secrets To Attracting Your Perfect Mate

Finding a partner to share your life can be a daunting task at the best of times.

Where do you go, what do you look for, how do you know what's real.

We all have heard and know that there are players and Delilah's out there.

Yes they appear perfect for you, they sweep you off your feet, you are already dreaming of riding off into the sunset to your own island paradise with them, but what is reality and what is show.

They have learned techniques and ploys to melt your resistance and logic, with their smooth talking, suave gestures, impeccable appearance and aloof attitude. They can and they will break your heart.

What can you do to protect yourself?
Learn the to recognize the tricks of their trade, see through the smoke and mirrors and focus on the facts. Simple really. Easy? Not on your life.
All human beings have certain emotional traits relating to security, love, self esteem and so on. These "Players" have techniques of short circuiting your normal detection mechanism for discovering faking. They will overwhelm you with just the right emotional deception, to completely gain your trust.The are consciously playing with your unconscious attraction mechanisms.

Is there an answer to this?

Well if you are able to cut through all the hoopla, and see some defining clues that they cannot change, you have a huge advantage toprotect yourself.
Did you know that, the vast majority of communication between men and women happens at the non-verbal level. Yes Body language plays an important part. If you know how to identify the specific signals sent out by a prospective partner when near to you, you can tell a lot more about their intentions than what they are saying. If you can walk into a room and tell just by looking at how everyone's body is postured, whether they are relaxed or desperate, you already have an upper hand.

But a detailed study of body language can take years, so here's a quick method that works.

1. When arriving at a venue, before going in to actually mingle, let your eyes sweep the room. Find a few potential candidates, and take a few minutes observing their action. You are not looking for anything specific, just go with your natural instincts and get a feel for them. later if you get to meet them close up, try and detect if there is a difference.
What does this do. Firstly, you will only be attracted to people whose body language resonates with yours, when you are sweeping the room. Secondly, if the whole feeling changes when you are close up, the chances are they did that to deceive you.

2. Get Over Your Social Anxiety, the more relaxed you are, the more attractive you become to a prospective partner. We sense social stress, it sends out a different frequency. Two people with the same stress signals however, don't attract each other, they actually repel. A relaxed mood, seems to attract though

3. Don't be desperate. Similar to above, Animals smell fear, people smell desperation. If you're desperate two things can happen:
A. Nothing
B. You will be taken advantage of, without anything in return.

Just understanding the 3 items mentioned above will dramatically enhance your chances of connecting with suitable partner.
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