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Monday, March 22, 2010

Stress Management - How to Relax Your Mind

By Antionette R Tate
I want to start out by saying that emotions are neither bad nor good. Emotions are just energy, but it is the way that you express your emotions that can be bad or good. Let me ask you, "When you feel stressed out, how do you normally express yourself?" Five negative ways that you may possible express yourself are:
1) Yelling
2) Ignore the problem
3) Hitting someone
4) Throwing things or
5) Cussing
Your emotions are going to be your number one indicator to let you know if you are at a state of inner peace or if you are at a state of dis-ease.When you are stressed, angry, depressed, sad etc. you are in opposition of feeling calm, joyful and peaceful. Once you recognize that you are not experiencing a state of Inner Peace, then you have to be responsible for taking the necessary steps to position yourself back in to a peaceful state of being by calming your mind.
I have listed three things that you can do to calm down and relax your mind when you are feeling stressed. They are:
1) Play Cards
2) Write and
3) Read a book
#1) Play Cards
When you are feeling stressed, a great way to relax your mind is by playing cards. You can get a deck of cards and play solitaire. You may even have solitaire as a free game on your computer. When you play cards you temporary take your mind off of the stressful situation because you are concentrating on what you are doing. Sometimes, in only takes a few minutes of getting your mind off of what is troubling you in order to return your mind back to a relaxed and peaceful state of being.
#2) Write
If you enjoy writing, then you should try keeping a journal or even blogging to release your stored up energy. When you journal you can look back on your previous entries and measure your progress. As an alternative to keeping a journal, I would suggest that you visit Squidoo and start your very own web page. The great thing about Squidoo, is that it is a free site and it is easy to build a web page.
#3) Read
Reading is another great way to relax your mind when you are feeling stressed. You should make sure that you choose a book that interests you.The idea is to find a book that is going to hold your attention and calm you down.
Antionette Tate M.Div, is a Inner Peace Expert who enjoys helping people to discover how to maintain their Inner Peace and how to live their life full joy. For more tips, she invites you to visit her blog "Inner Peace and Joy: Tips to Help You Maintain Inner Peace and Joy Daily"

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