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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Do Not Let Stress Kill You - Importance of Handling Them Effectively

By Greg Correll
Having a little stress in life will give you that extra push you need when it comes to getting things done. The problem with that is, how much stress do you really need? Not only excess stress can trigger anxiety, depression and affects your mental health negatively, it can also affect our physical health as well! This article will talk about the physiology of stress and why you should handle them effectively before they kill you.
On top of the negative mental health effects, here are some ways stress is killing our body:
Firstly, we experience the fight or flight mode, a change in the state and physio of our body that includes several different hormones and chemicals being released into our body such as adrenaline and endorphins. Heart rate will go up together with your blood pressure and blood flow can slow down for several part of our organs. This mechanism is in place to gives us the sudden burst of energy for survival, one that is necessary back in the past.
Once our perceived threat is over, the body will start to repair any tissue that was damaged during the stress stage, this is called stress resistance. Although not in the fight or flight mode anymore, our body is still somewhat on alert mode, normal function of the body will begin again.
The last physiological change to our body is stress exhaustion, this is where it can be potentially harmful to our body, especially the more we go through it. The immune system now will be suppressed, because of the overabundance of chemicals in our body, and thus causing our cardiovascular system to suffer.
This is also why stress is often linked to cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, stroke or high blood pressure. The changes stress brings to our body can often leads to formation of stomach ulcers, falling sick regularly due to a weakened immune system, as well as a change in our eating habits.
Other notable ways it can affects our body are headaches and body aches, it can also alter your sleeping pattern altogether. On top of that, a drop in sexual desire and performance are also commonly reported and linked to stress.
The worst part about having excess stress in our life is that it often escalates our current health complication, especially complication that involves our nervous system. Escalation of chronic pain, bowel disorders and digestive problems are not uncommon when someone with the condition undergoes a stressful period.
Handling stress can indeed be a life saver, because there is no real way to avoid stress altogether, therefore one needs to learn how to disperse them effectively before it severely alters your health and your mental health!
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