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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Most "Experts" Fail to Cure Your Depression Cause

By Chris Nosal
How many years have you spent desperately trying to find that single golden piece of knowledge that will reveal the cause that is driving your depression, and make your depression cause disappear forever?
If you're like everyone else I know the answer is "I'm still struggling with it" or "It's a battle but I'm still fighting"... and there's still no end in sight (for you OR your wallet).
The translation in a nutshell is, "I've met a bunch of second rate "experts" who don't know how to get rid of the problems I'm having, and just settle for a life of struggling with depression".
If you've spent years trying to fight the depression cause that is making you feel helplessly miserable, and just plain out of control of your life on a DAILY basis... and if you're still feeling like you're NO happier than when you started your "treatment" for your depression cause, then I'm going to go reveal to you why everything you've ever been told about dealing with depression is WRONG.
This is important because, if you have someone giving you advice who's never been through what you're going through, you're making a gigantic mistake... you're basically taking advice on how to ride a bike from someone who's never done it.
It happens for one simple reason:
Because you've got someone whose never ridden a bike... teaching you how to ride one!
So what is the solution to finally eliminating your depression cause from your life permanently?
In a second I'm going to tell you, but first I have to ask you a simple question:
Do you know how to turn on a computer?
If you're like 99% of us, the answer is yes... you press a button and everything else "just happens" AUTOMATICALLY!
Now let me ask you this:
Do you have ANY clue how your operating system boots up?
Do you know how ANYTHING in your computer actually works?
Probably not.
You just press a button to send the command to your computer to turn on... and everything else just magically falls into place.
Now how about this...
Do you know how you move your arms and legs every single day of your life with ZERO effort?
Do you know ANYTHING about the process your body is going through when you walk or wave your arms?
Heck no! It's all automatic - you just send the command!
Your body does it all naturally... and that's great news!
Now, what I'm about about to tell you is VERY important... and it's the reason why you've failed to eliminate your depression cause in the past... and It's the reason why every psychologist or therapist you ever visited is going to FAIL to eliminate your underlying depression cause.
This primarily occurs for one reason:
People are always trying to tell you about the problem... rather how to SOLVE it.
A quick search around the internet or any medical textbook will tell you that 99% of the information is focused on the problem and what causes it... NOT how to solve it.
Ask pretty much ANY "expert", and they'll likely all tell you that you've got to understand a problem in order to solve it.
That's like saying you've got to know how your brain makes your feet move in order to walk!
Do you know everything your brain does to make your legs move? I don't.
Yet somehow, it happens so simple and effortlessly it almost feels impossibly easy to perform such a complex task.
But here's the cold hard truth:
All of us function not knowing how 99% of our body's functions work - we just know how to send the command to make our body do EXACTLY what we want.
Your body is in complete control of you.
That's why when you get stressed you can start losing hair or going grey... because your body is always in control of everything going on inside of it... and it all happens without you knowing NOTHING about the process by which it occurs.
You DON'T need to know how OR why your depression cause exists.
The ONLY thing you need to know is how to send the RIGHT simple command to your body... and with just ONE simple command, before you know it, your body will spring into action and fix the problem automatically... just as easily the press of a button!
If you want results, you've got to make a conscious decision to stop doing what's NOT working... and instead start thinking differently that WORK.
I'm sharing this piece of knowledge with you because it has helped me tremendously in my own life.
This piece of knowledge worked to eliminate my depression cause... all because of this one secret I've shared with you in this article.
Remember, if you want to get a different result in life, you've got to do things differently than everyone else who isn't getting the kind of results you want.
Consider how many more days you want to spend struggling with depression... and whether the choices you've made in the past are what may be causing the problems you're having.
You've got two choices:
Either you accept the therapy THEORY that your body controls you, and you should spend your entire life fighting a losing battle with it, or you accept the age old belief that, with the right teaching, YOU are the dominant force that is in control of your body.
You've got two choices for how you're going to live the next decades of your life.
Remember the decision is all in your hands... and you're the only one who can ultimately make it.
After spending over five years struggling with depression, Chris decided that medications, unhappiness and a constant battle with depression were NO way to live his life.
He decided that there HAD to be something better, and that he was going to get results by doing things differently than everyone else and not settle for a mediocre life of struggling with depression and unhappiness.
To learn the secret to Chris's success, get your hands on the only depression solution you will ever need, and make yourself depression-free in just weeks visit Chris at to begin your new life today, or talk to him directly at for additional help.

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