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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Dark Despair

By Cally Rao
When it came to dealing with 'feeling down' or otherwise called mild depression, the "bootstrappers" credo was that you just pull your socks up and get on with things and the blues will eventually flee. But the persistence of feeling down should not to be confused with occasionally "feeling low."
It's almost a disease that slithers through our emotions like a slug leaving little sign of it's violence and preventing us by it's very invisibility how horrible an ogre it could become when out of control.It debilitates us in every way it continues to inflict mood disorders. When a family breaks up it's alright to feel sad.But just as normal cells can be infected by carcinogens,sadness out of control triggers malignant sadness or otherwise called by it's proper name:depression.
There are no reliable tests to diagnose depression other than that it's victims are mostly negative about everything.They also go through weight and sleep swings and are ridden by overwhelming feelings of worthlessness and guilt.Many reasons have been proposed for depressiveness.Any event or activity in any area of life can trigger depression with as yet untold consequences upon physical health.
There seem to be just two over-relied treatments for those among us battling depression:anti depressants and cognitive therapy.In cognitive therapy a care giver or practitioner helps a victim unlearn the negative thoughts that are emotionally taking them to mood mayhem and replace them with positive ways of thinking. For example going for long walks or exploring trails instead of languishing on the couch is called positive or 'replacement' thinking.
The depressed are also hell to be with as caregivers can attest. So if you are feeling down in the dumps most of the day and unable to shake yourself free,get out of yourself,reach out and get help.Here are resources to help yourself.
Cally Rao
Cally Rao had been a Manufacturing Manager in a F500 Company, is now an instructor at college and marketer and passionately believes in individual entrepreneurism. She writes at

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