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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Seeking Employment as a Career Change

About nine years ago, I was a member of the rat race. For close to a decade, I had a regular 9-5 corporate job. In that time, I probably changed jobs five times! A few moves due to leaving college and then a few more moves while I tried to figure out what I loved to do. There are many times in your life when you might find yourselfseeking employment and one of those times could easily occur when you are making a career change. Seeking employment when you are making a career change is sometimes a process resulting from a deliberate decision and sometimes due to loss of a current job and being forced into seeking employment as a career change because no jobs are available in the area of your prior experience.

If you find you are looking for new employment for a career change because you have discovered some new passion in yourself or a newly opened job , the process will be somewhat the same. And if looking for new employment in a new career is a result of personal choice, this process can be fun as well as challenging.Seeking employment when involving a career change will be easier if the new proposed career is at all related to your last career, taking for instance, photography in the area of industrial manufacturing to fashion photography. Your new career path will require many of the skills you have utilized in previous employment, but adapting them to the new subject models and finished product for use in fashion marketing publishing rather than business use in technical instruction articles and advertising.

When you stress your strengths in resumes and interviews while seeking employment as a career change, you will probably have a wealth of examples and job history to show evidence of your qualifications for this employment. And this will most likely make gaining new employment for yourcareer change a shorter and easier process. If on the other hand you are seeking employment as a career change is in a totally new field for you from your prior employment history, you will need to take a somewhat different approach to convince the hiring individual that your motivation and new training makes you a desirable candidate for employment.

Before seeking employment as a career change, you should do an honest assessment of yourself. What are your likes and dislikes? What type of employment would you be good at? Will you need retraining for acareer change? Are there some classes you could take now to prepare you for new and different employment? How realistic is it for you to be seeking employment as a career change right now? Is the employment market strong right now in the new field you have chosen? These are all important questions for you to ask and answer before you begin the process ofseeking employment as a career change.
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