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Friday, March 5, 2010

How To Break An Addiction

You need to evaluate the problem and find what triggers your addicts and what specific need it is using. Once you have determined that, you can begin breaking yourself of the habit one step at a time. Addiction is a disease that affects your brain and your behavior. You have control over your choice to start using drugs, but once you start, the pleasurable effect of drugs makes you want to keep using them. Over time, your brain actually changes in certain ways so that a powerful urge to use drugs controls your behavior. This is what it means to be addicted to drugs. Someone who is addicted uses drugs without thinking or caring about the consequences.

1. Take Back Your Life

This may be why daily affirmation can help you start taking control back. If you find though journaling that your addiction is controlling you and use affirmations to think of ways to start over coming that control. Then you can release the need for the things you are addicted to and let go of what you cannot control.

2. Addictions Are Hard To Break

I was addicted to sleeping pills and booze every night for three years. I took a sleeping pill after 5-6 drinks to blot out life and sleep never realizing the lengths to that I was going to avoid growth. I had terrible colitis from stress - would spend days in bed with a heating pad. After using this technique, never another sleeping pill - no more booze. After a year I finally can choose to have an occasional glass of wine - never any more colitis. This woman has been clean and sober, without a single pill or a drink in over a year after using the release the need technique. She located the trigger to her problems and she worked to correct them. She also used the release the need to greatly reduce her stress levels.

3. Changing Feelings

When I first started using the release the need technique I was surprised to find how smooth my first week was and how clear I seemed to be. I now realize that using alcohol is a choice over that I have control. What a freeing feeling to know that I dont have to have a drink to relax, but that I can just release. This may seem inconsequential, but this is something I've had to watch since I had an alcoholic brother who committed suicide.

4. Release The Need Technique

The man in this example used to suffer from extreme alcoholism. The disease was affecting his entire family and his older brother had even committed suicide because of the illness. After only his first week using the release the need technique the man noticed that he was thinking a lot clearer, he suffered very minimal withdraw effects, and he now has a firmer control on his life now than he did when he was trying to control it.

5. Relax For A Natural High

My father was an alcoholic who drank himself to death. By my late teens I was acting out and using drugs. My mother convinced me to try the release the need techniques. The release the need technique is a simple, yet powerful method for letting go of negative, unwanted feelings. Prior to this technique, I didnt know what to do with all of these painful feelings. I had to carry drugs in my purse at all times so I could get through each day. As soon as I began using this technique, I stopped using. No white knuckling, no withdrawal, no relapsing - I didnt miss using at all. I didnt even want to use. The release the need techniques took away my need for the drugs. I had been using them to relax and get away from all the pain and trauma I was carrying. The techniques taught me how to let go of the hurtful feelings, to relax and get high naturally. I didnt need the drugs anymore.

6. No Conflict With 12 Step Program

Since the release the need technique is nothing more than an effective way of letting go with no philosophy or belief system attached to it, there was absolutely no conflict with the 12-Steps. In fact, the technique enhanced my ability to work my 12-Steps. As you can tell, I highly recommend this technique to anyone who would like to speed up his or her personal recovery progress. It worked wonders for me. I have beenclean and sober for 15 years now.
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