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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Change Your Life: Six Things You Can Be Doing Right Now

When your life is stuck in a rut, it is hard to find ways to break out. Stagnating is bad your health and mind. Here are some ways to increase your mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Get into a healthy relationship - or at least work on it!
Work out what you want, why you want it? If you don't know - how are you going to recognise a healthy relationship? People who are married live longer and are much less prone to disease or mental illness. Women however can suffer more from an unhealthy relationship than being alone! When you find The One... set time aside for each other - every day, respect your differences and build on your dreams!

Read to someone.
Take time to read something to someone that you wouldn't otherwise read. Expand your horizons and give pleasure to others at the same time. Why not read to a child, their enthusiasm is contagious!

Smile and the world smiles at you. Give your face muscles a break - it takes 14 to smile and 72 to frown... What is your face saying about you right now? Even forcing a smile can trigger an endorphin release and that's not so bad!

Turn off your TV, Ipod, Computer.
Get into your life. Is the first thing you do as you walk into the house:
Check your email, answering machine or turn on the TV?
Connect with something tangible - go for a walk, take a book to the coffee shop, get a pet or arrange to take someone else's pet for a walk each day. Connect with your community - is there somewhere you can volunteer or get involved. There are things happening outside your world that can be positively influenced by You!

Adopt a Budget.
Learn to make your money work for you, and it will give you the freedom to embrace your new life! Avoid the stress of each new bill, know when you can "impulse" spend... retail therapy is not a bad thing at the right time! Be ready for a new relationship - money on hand to travel together, create a future together, pay for the party of all parties.

Know your family history.
Genetics have a lot to do with who we are and how we look. Tall, slim, hippy, blonde, blue eyed, weighty? Use these clues to monitor your eating, drinking and healthy eating. Get to know your family better, talk to your folks, siblings and relatives. There is so much to be a part of and to pass on to your own family!
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Lynley Arnott runs Dinner For Six, "Socialising for Discerning Local Singles",

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