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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here is Your Most Valuable Asset

By P. A. Bryant
Before you make your next move towards achieving your next goal in business or life, consider your most valuable asset. Your next goal may have to do with physical fitness or a major change in your social relationship situation. But just stop and take the time to ponder your most valuable asset. This is the asset that can cause great success or left nurtured could lead to a terrible failure. This particular asset is the phenomenal key to overcoming your greatest obstacles in life, the asset that controls the destiny of your financial, physical, mental, and yes even your spiritual success
The asset I am speaking of is of course you yourself, the most important asset you have in your arsenal of success. Poised in the negative, you yourself can cause defeat in every area of your life. But aligned in the positive, you as an asset can defeat any obstacle that comes your way, trampling them as they come causing them to transform into stepping stones moving ever so closer to your destiny of success.
Now you must understand that this will always be a learning process and in order for you to grow positively, you have to go through. But there is one another way of growing that you can at least control, and that is nurturing yourself with knowledge. By doing this every day in some form, shape, or fashion you can grow at a faster rate than you would by just experiencing life
So arm yourself by filling this asset with all the knowledge, wisdom, and power you can. Do this on a daily basis and it will be impossible for you to fail.
P.A. Bryant
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