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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Success and Failure

By Zack Rhodes
A common characteristic of successful people is that in general they are ready to venture out of their comfort or safe zones. Like your average person, successful people get nervous, scared, especially when trying new things, but guess what, they go ahead a do it anyway regardless of the outcome they take a chance.
You may think that successful people are lucky and never fail, but the truth is they fail just like everyone else but they keep trying and, they are not quitters, they pick themselves up and carry on. Successful people are always positive in their minds and get themselves motivated, this keeps them going in the long term.
This is a bit of a cliche but I read " a successful person is a failure who tried just one more time". This is very true as they have the never say die attitude and keep going regardless of what they face.
To be successful you must balance risk, yes some things are very risky, for example there is no such thing as a risk free investment. Recently someone challenged me regarding this and said that a property can be bought cheap and rented out for big profits. I cut this guy down my telling him you are assuming too much. You may not get a good mortgage, you may not get the desired rent, you may get a non paying tenant, interest rates go up and down, recession, property values go up and down, repairs, management costs etc etc.
There will always be risk in whatever we do, that's life, whether it is an investment or a business or even going to the right college or university. We just simply need to balance the factors and see if they are in our favour. If you wait for a risk free moment to do something then I'm sorry to say you will do nothing, so you may as well give up now. EVERYTHING HAS RISK...........
Successful people recognise that and, but what they do is look at the risks, weigh up all the probabilities and look at what they can do to balance the odds in their favour. They then make a decision as to whether they can accept whatever risk is left and whether they can live with the consequences of that risk if things don't work out. Let me point out when weighing up the odds successful people will have thought of many scenarios ad will have back up plans in place to counter them.
Successful people will make their decision and take full responsibility for it. If things go wrong, they don't blame the government, parents, friends, etc. they get on with it and go in to a situation with their eyes open and are always prepared to accept whatever the consequences, and as i mentioned before they will have a back up plan, plan A, Plan B etc.
Where is this all going? We need to challenge ourselves about what we are trying to achieve. We also need to challenge ourselves over how we see things and the situation and always keep in mind nothing is without risk so weigh up the odds and make them favour you and take action otherwise you will never change your situation, action is the key.
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