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Monday, March 29, 2010

Stress Management - Quick Strategies For Coping With Stress

We all do what we need to do to survive, "get by", and deal with the stressors of modern life: Stress at home, stress in our relationships, stress at work. In all of these, good, bad, or ugly, the stress that accumulates adds to the load we're already carrying through life. Thankfully, we are surrounded with abundant information on how to productively quarantine, reduce, or ideally dissipate the stress - the question is have we looked into it yet?There are none more powerful in managing the symptoms of stress than ourselves and so we are charged with the responsibility of keeping tabs on how we are allowing stressors to affect us psychologically and ultimately, physically. It is important for those dealing with stress in the workplace or at home to find practical methods to incorporate daily to prevent stress-induced deficiency. We need to practice removing ourselves from our everyday stressors, even if for a few seconds at a time while right in the middle of them, in order to avoid the anxiety and depression so easily invoked by chronic stress.One particularly inconspicuous strategy that is fun and costs nothing is a "three second vacation". For three seconds, close your eyes and let your mind transport you to the most relaxing place on earth - sights, sounds, scents, everything. Breathe it all in deeply for three seconds and then resume your activity (extend duration and/or repeat as many times throughout the day as necessary).On a larger scale, use some of the most gratifying activities you've come to enjoy to assist in the battle against stress. They don't necessarily need to cost anything (it doesn't cost much to take a sketch pad out to draw a landscape or to get out and climb a tree...preferably your own tree) but a reasonable expense is also acceptable (a ride along the coast on a sunny day top-down in a rented convertible, a round of golf, or a session out on the community airfield with a radio controlled airplane...however, if the expense or challenge of the mechanism adds stress, please find another coping mechanism to use). We're all different and there's no sense in stressing about choosing coping mechanisms so find your fun and you'll discover a mechanism that works for you!

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