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Monday, March 15, 2010

How To Find Hope In Overcoming Infertility Depression

Infertility depression is a real issue for couples struggling to conceive and affects both men and women in different ways.

For women, being unable to conceive is depressing enough but this can be exacerbated even further during assisted reproduction programs. The stress associated with ongoing treatment can build to high levels and if the process ends in failure, infertility depression can then become a major problem.

Infertility and depression in men is also very real. Men will usually try to handle depression differently such as spending more time at work or getting involved in community related areas as a way of overcoming their feelings of inadequacy or guilt. Men will often have feelings of failure which is a common male response because of the fact they won't be able to continue on the family tree.

Emotional Effects Of Infertility Depression

Emotionally, infertility can be crippling. A combination of sadness, frustration and angry feelings from both partners will ultimately strain relationships if proper help is not sought. This is the tragic wash up in many infertility cases as one or both partners withdraws into a state of depression.

Seeking Help For Infertility Depression

Getting help for depression as a result of infertility may seem the obvious course of action however, feelings of self pity and consignment to the fact that conceiving a child will not be possible, often acts as a barrier between infertile couples seeking much needed support.

It's important for couples to realise that all is not lost. In the past, medical support was the common avenue to pursue but into the 21st century, and with the internet available to most people around the globe, support forums for infertile couples have provided a worthwhile option

1. Discuss their infertility issues with like-minded people and
2. Possibly seek alternative forms of treatment when traditional methods have failed.

Support Forums For Infertility Depression

Online support forums are an excellent alternative to live support groups especially for those couples who want to remain anonymous. Most will have given up the possibility of conceiving a child at this point but there still maybe some hope left. You'll hear good news stories of couples in a similar position and what they did to get over "this bump in the road" and more importantly, receive emotional support from others who have a complete understanding of your situation.

Infertility depression doesn't have to dominate your life. While it's tough to deal with at the time, taking some positive steps to overcome it may be just a keyboard search away.
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  2. It would be very helpful to have a support system that truly knows your journey. I believe life is more than just about infertility you can always seek help from others both professionally and personal.