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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Principles Never Fail!

By Art Babao
It takes faith to live by principles, especially when you see people close to you get ahead in life by lying, cheating, indulging, manipulating, and serving only for themselves. What you don't see, however, is that breaking principles always catches up to them in the end.
Take the principle of honesty. If you're a big liar, you may be able to get by for a while, even for a few years. But you'd be hard-pressed to find a liar who achieved success over the long haul. As Cecil B. DeMille observed about his classic movie, The Ten Commandments, " It is impossible for us to break the law. We can only break ourselves against the law."
Unlike all other centers we've looked at, principles will never fail you. They will never talk behind your back. They don't get up and move. They don't suffer career-ending injuries. They don't play favorites based on skin color, gender, wealth, or body features. A principle-centered life is simply the most stable, immovable, unshakable foundation you can build upon, and we all need one of those.
To grasp why principles always work, just imagine living a life based on their opposites - a life of dishonesty, loafing, indulgence, ingratitude, selfishness, and hate. I can't imagine any good thing coming out of that. Can you?
Ironically, putting principles first is the key to doing better in all the other centers. If you live the principles of service, respect, and love, for instance, you're likely to pick up more friends and be a more stable boyfriend or girlfriend. Putting principles first is also the key to becoming a person of character.
Decide today to make principles your life-center, or paradigm. In whatever situation you find yourself, ask, "What is the principle in play here?" For every problem, search for the principle that will solve it.
If you're feeling worn out and beaten up by life, perhaps you should try the principle of balance.
If you find no one trusts you, the principle of honesty might just be the cure you need. Just keep on holdin' on!
-Art Babao Corporation and Development
"Serving Billions"

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