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Monday, December 27, 2010

Anti Anxiety Techniques - Free Trick To Stop Anxiety

By: Deborah Percy

Anti anxiety techniques,or dirty little tricks I like to call them. Did you know that anxiety attacks are actually brought on by you, you give them strength through fear? So what if I could tell you what you needed to do to stop them, what if you understood what you actually do to in courage them, then you could work out how to fix them? Here's an example below on how to take control over panic attacks.

Anti anxiety techniques, trick to help stop anxiety!

1. Observe Every move an attack makes.

As soon as panic arrive no matter where you are just take a moment out to observe it, do not try to avoid it, or stop the body sensations.

2. Embrace panic head on.

Except all the sensations as they erupt through your body, observe the experience, do not even think about labeling it a good, or a bad attack. Just let it happen.

3. Be demanding.

When the attack hits its peak ask for more, demand it to give you every thing it has. Be confidence, believe you will survive the ordeal.

4. Have trust in your self.

Trust that you are safe and nothing is going to happen to you. Keep repeating this process, do not back off from the fear head straight into it. Get use to the fear so you know what to expect.

There You Have it, always remember one thing, the difference between some one who has found a cure for panic attacks, and someone who is still suffering from them is this, the one who is cured is no longer afraid of FEAR.

About the Author:
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  1. Hi:

    I really appreciate this article and your blog.

    I have massive student loan debt from law school,and feel anxiety and, at times, lots of depression over it. There is no bankruptcy option for Student Loans. They are carried to the grave.

    I feel that there is no way out, and that the situation is completely hopeless.

    Sometimes my dwelling on the situation just makes my feelings of panic worse. For instance, I envision myself as an old man someday with my Social Security being garnished; being poor and a burden on my family. Being homeless posssibly.

  2. Hello,

    Didn't realize i was contributing to my own anxiety by being afraid of it. thanks for the tips.

  3. I don't know who writes theses articles but the grammar is not up to par. Lots of errors in words.