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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Depressed and Overly Stressed?

  By Christina Alexander


Are you depressed and overly stressed dealing with everyday life situations? Are you also struggling with your weight? There might be a very simple solution that can help combat these issues. Breathing. Just breathe!
According to a study done at the Queensland University of Technology, breathing can be used as an alternative treatment for patients suffering from anxiety and depression issues. In some cases, it may even replace drug treatment.
Being depressed and overly stressed definitely takes a toll on our bodies. When we are anxious or stressed, people have a tendency to not breathe, hold our breath in for longer periods (see if you do this the next time you feel stressed!) When this happens, we get less Seratonin produced in our brain. That's not good, because Seratonin is the neurotransmitter that helps regulate our mood, and helps us stay happier and healthier.
There are many things that breathing helps with:
- Gives us higher energy, more desire to do things
- Changes the amount of food we take in to feel full
- Helps production of Seratonin (yay, happiness!)
- Has a calming effect
- Regulates metabolism
- Gives our cells more oxygen, increasing their efficiency to function
- Helps our endorphine release rate (more happiness!).
- Makes us feel prettier, less weak, and less overweight
In other words, make sure you breathe. Take some time when you feel depressed and overly stressed to close your eyes a few seconds and concentrate on the air going steadily in and out of your lungs. You might be surprised at how calming this can be, and that depressed and overly stressed feeling will begin to dissipate.
For more information on breathing and specific breathing techniques, click here:
Would you like to increase the quality of your life? Are you tired of feeling depressed and overly stressed? Tired of not being able to shed those excess pounds? Do you feel alone and feel no one cares? Learn to love yourself. You owe yourself that at the very least. Give yourself permission to make progress in your own way. Depression and weight gain help is out there. You are not alone!
"If you are dissatisfied with the way things are, then you have got to resolve to change them." Barbara Jordan, American politician. Take that first step toward positive change today. Don't settle for being depressed and overly stressed any longer!
For further information and support to help you lose the weight and gain a support network, go to my website.
I myself have struggled with depression and weight gain issues off and on in my life. Take some time to breathe! Find little things in life that make you happy on a daily basis. If you do face these issues and they are a battle for you, know that I feel for you. It is a difficult battle to face, and many who have never dealt with this sort of enemy before have no idea how hard it truly is to win against something that always tries to beat you down. There is help out there! For more information about our struggle and how to win this war, go to this web page for additional help.

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