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Monday, December 13, 2010

Tips To Manage Stress

by candy2010

 Stress is a common part of our life and is from everyday happening. The following are the ways to deal with the stress.
1. Manage to dispel the basic source of stress. If you are vexed by the noise from the crowds, you can try to go to the supermarket and you make sure there are not many people waiting to check. You can rent some DVD to watch in your little room but not to see a film in the crowded cinema. Drive away the unnecessary thoughts from your mind and life, uh"�� how to do this, you can try to throw away some things that stop your life moving on You try sale the useless things and it is an effective way.}2.If you are often late for work, sit down and prepare a pen and s sheet of paper and to make clearly how you arrange your time. You see you have to take 40 minutes to the company. Have you found that you left your home on to time? You can solve your problem only by facing the life and releasing the stress a bit in your life. If you really do not find the time for all your activities which mean a lot for you, perhaps you indeed do too much things. Then, list what you have done a day and each activity takes how much.
3.Avoid the stressful situation you can foresee. If you obviously understand a sport or a game will let in a tense situation, you should try to kill the invitation to play it. Because the purpose of playing these activities is to have gun from them. If you understand you will not, it is useless to play it.
4. If you can not eliminate the stress, eliminate yourself. Flee away occasionally for your own time. You will surprisingly find the some fresh thoughts on your matters. You can also avoid the stressful person. For example, you think you do not have the same topic with your father-in-law but you also do not make your wife to be angry, ask some other in-laws to your home at the same time. There are some other persons with you; you will not feel stressful.
5. If you always try to compare with other's accomplishments, appearance and possession, the stress is definitely with you. You clearly know because you admire others and the stress is also coming. It is easy to tell yourself that you should be satisfied with what you own, and it is right. Stress is created by yourself because you have the admiration to other people.
6.Remember, it is okay to do nothing once in a while.
7.Pay full attention on what you are doing right now. If you are doing a exercise, you should not listen to the music.

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