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Friday, December 31, 2010

Who's In Your Circle Of Success?

 By Dennis Marshall


Do you ever pay attention to the people that you hand with? Do you ever feel that they may just be rubbing off on you in a strong way?
Hopefully they are but that can be a good thing and it can also be a bad thing
Yesterday (Nov 17th) was the greatest single day of my flipping houses career. The night before, my friend and mentor and I were on the Freedomsoft webinar. It was great as usual but at the end, it got even better.
At the end, they announced the winner of the H2 Hummer giveaway and guess who they said won. Yes! My buddy Chris won. The way I was jumping for joy, you would have thought I won.
Well that same night, Chris told me on the phone like "Dennis. We gotta get up early and make some moves". We actually went to Starbucks to get some stuff done.
Its great being surround by like minded people. You should try it sometime. Well guess who was there when we showed up?
Mr Preston Ely himself. The marketing genius behind Freedomsoft and even the brains behind the whole software, Any Proper, was there too.
There we were sitting next to these guys and they didn't know that Chris had won. Well I leaned over to Chris and I told him "Im finna boss this" (thats how they talk. Talk about mirror neurons at work)
I leaned over to Preston and asked him if a copy of Freedomsoft came with the Hummer. He silently said yes and then asked if I won. I told him that Chris won and the rest is history.
My Point of this story
I woke up as usual, but a lot earlier (thanks to Chris), prayed to God thanking him for letting me see another sun rise, did my exercises and affirmations and out the door I went; about 3 hours earlier than I usually leave.
Long story short...
Being that I'm in a circle of success, I ended up with the most powerful tool for real estate investing since the introduction of MLS and I got it 100% FREE.
We both have the same mindset; We want great achievements in life and realize that its not easy getting to the top but well worth it.
We've been through ups and boy have we been through some downs but when I tell you the sun shines on a dogs FOREHEAD one day. You thought I was going to say something else didn't you? LOL
What you should know
The company you keep play a HUGE role and where you will end up in life. That saying about the apples is not just a group of words that sound good together. Their so true.
As humans, we imitate the people that are around us because of some simple things called mirror neurons.
So I have to end with this question.
Who do you want to imitate?
PAY attention to who's in your CIRCLE OF SUCCESS because it may COST YOU more than you think.
Please feel free to check out my website at for other material like this and material also pertaining to real estate for new and up and coming real estate investors.

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